Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 begins with a bang. News from Pee Wee's Big Holiday!

2016 begins with a bang. News from Pee Wee's Big Holiday!

Just a few days ago I was completely blown away while looking up news of the upcoming movie Pee Wee's Big Holiday. I'm a massive fan of Tim Burton's whacky feel good classic from 1985, and even owned it's lackluster sequel Pee Wee's Big Top as a kid on tape. Big Adventure is a must to watch, even if it's just background noise for me. I really can't explain but it's humor still holds up today and it's a movie I could honestly quote for hours. 

A huge reason why this movie is so near and dear to my heart is the fact it stars a young Damon Martin. Damon is one of my all time favorite actors and has always intrigued me on his varying career. Damon was in such films as Ghoulies II, Kid, Amityville 1992, and episodes from 21 Jump Street and Freddy's Nightmares. Quitting acting in the early 90's, Damon landed a record deal and formed the band Naked which had two number one hit singles Mann's Chinese and Raining On The Sky. After the band broke up Damon began several very successful production companies, even producing the 2009 remake of Night Of The Demons. Damon now works as a famous mural artist in the LA Arts District as well as being part of the Say No To Ivory campaign for the International Fund For Animal Welfare. I really can't explain it but Damon stars in 3 of my all time favorite feel good movies, and he has lived such an interesting life anytime at conventions that I've gotten the chance to speak to past co-stars of his they have nothing but awesome stories to share about working with him. In fact I've even had my friend and amazing artist Travis Falligant begin an art series of Damon based off his different roles. I've only had a little social contact with him thru IG, but it completely warmed my heart when I saw that this past summer for the 30th anniversary they screened Big Adventure at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. There Paul Reubens, Lou Cutell, E.G Daily, Diane Salinger, and Damon all reunited to talk a little bit on stage before the film began.

There Paul shared a few great stories, as well as letting it slip that Damon would be in fact starring in Pee Wee's Big Holiday which is coming to Netflix in March. As a massive, and I mean massive fan of Damon's this made my entire day. As a huge fan of his, (Trying to find his movie Sky High is mission impossible, as well as finding him somehow to sign my Amityville laserdisc) I have collected several pieces of artwork of him in it, as well as gathering a pretty impressive Amityville collection. Strange you might say? You should see my Galligan collection. Anywho, seeing that Damon (who's actually a really great actor) coming back to the silver screen warms my heart. The man hasn't acted since 1992 so it makes me even more excited to see him (perhaps returning to play Chip) in Big Holiday. All I have to say is this comeback is well welcomed and makes me even more excited for the spring.

We've missed you Damon, can't wait to see you soon! 

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