Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Top 10 movies of 2015

 Top 10 movies of 2015
2015 is slowly coming to a close. With that I've begun a tradition of making a post right before New Years to post a list of films both old and new that I saw, or down right adored that I feel summed up the passing year. Here is my list for 2015.

10) Cooties
- This was a blind buy of mine that I actually really loved. As somebody who works in education as well as loves horror I round this movie a complete riot. I was laughing the entire time, and loved the overall idea as well as the gore. Plus Leigh Whanell yet again steals the show.

9) In Her Skin
- This was a Netflix find I randomly found last winter. This beautifully filmed movie is like a piece of art, and has a haunting and true story. Not the happiest of movies, but some scenes leave you in complete and utter awe.

8) It Follows
- Even if I feel The Green Inferno was this year's best horror release, I really gotta hand it to this movie for really making a huge comeback for original and amazing ideas. This is a great first time watch for anyone. I seriously don't think I've ever been so nervous before while watching a movie. First off, great original plot, second completely beautiful about everything about it, and lastly of course the amazing killer score.

7) Assault On Precinct 13
- I love that I was able to discover for the first time a brand new classic from one of my all time favorite directors. This 70's classic is a must for anyone to see. In fact it's in my top 5 of films I would show somebody to understand my taste of favorite movies. Everything about this movie down to the awesome soundtrack/score by Carpenter, the awesome leads, and the ending is amazing. This past spring I did nothing but watch Carpenter movies and loved every second of it. Safe to say I'll never look at Kim Richards or ice cream the same way again!

6) The Hills Have Eyes
- Another classic I watched over and over again over this year. A classic from the late Wes Craven, I have always been a fan of this movie and even enjoyed watching the sequel (which I feel I may be the only person on the planet that enjoys) I love this movie so much this year I even ordered a mondo print of it!

5) Dawn Of The Dead
- If it wasn't for this movie I honestly don't think I would have gotten through this past winter. For some very strange reason I re-watched this movie over and over and over again while being snowed in for almost three weeks. I have always adored this movie (as well as the remake) but it truly woke up watching it over and over again. Some day it's depressing, I say it's a colorful action packed comic book ride. Flyboy will forever and always be my favorite zombie.

4) Jurassic World
- This movie was the reason my inner love of the original came to life this year. This movie in my eyes was the "true" sequel to the original. This movie was filled with tons of action, and moments that sent nothing but chills down my spine. Besides all the CGI this movie was epic. Only thing missing was Muldoon's character seeking revenge for his father!

3) Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens
- HUGE and I mean HUGE fan of the Star Wars movies. For years I have adored this series and now I feel I have a brand new favorite. This latest installment was everything I wanted as a fan. Taken over by the maker of Lost, the torch was passed down and done in utter and complete perfection. With huge twists, tons of breathtaking on set locations, puppets, great actions, wonderful characters, and practical effects, The Force Awakens was everything I loved about going to the movies and I'm legit ready to go see it again. I can't wait. Bring on the next two!

2) The Green Inferno
- My favorite movie released in theaters by far. This massive comeback by Eli Roth was everything I wanted and then some. Now I know not everyone was a fan of this movie, but I loved it and saw it 5 times when it was released. Filled with a well written storyline, likable characters, and amazing KNB gore The Green Inferno by far was one of my favorite movies this year. Now mind you I'm writing this post a little early but fingers crossed I'll be getting a tattoo based off this movie Thursday. Wooooo!

1) Jurassic Park
- I don't think this is a surprise that this made #1. I revisited my massive love to one of my childhood favorites around the time Jurassic World was released. This past summer I can't even count how many times I watched this movie. By far one of my best feel good movies. It brings me back to such a simple time, filled with great memories. This was classic that I loved so much I showed my massive love for one of my all time favorite characters by getting Robert Muldoon (the late Bob Peck) tattooed on me. Whenever I think of Jurassic Park, I will remember 2015 and how I celebrated 1993 style.

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