Thursday, December 24, 2015

Artist spotlight - Shane Murphy

 Artist spotlight - Shane Murphy 

As I sit here watching Silent Night Deadly Night, I decided to spotlight not only an amazing artist, but a friend of mine. A guy who I'm proud to have his work permanently tattooed on me. This of course being Mr. Shane Murphy.

I first heard of Shane through a mutual friend who also shares the same love of horror, slashers, and gore as Shane and myself do. I had was bitching that I needed a good tattoo artist who loved horror and movies as much as I did and could knock my ideas out of the park. A few months later I connected with Shane and he did an amazing job doing a coverup tattoo for me of Church from Pet Sematary, from one of my all time favorite Stephen King novels/films. 

So far I have gotten 6 pieces from Shane, and soon to be seven. Shane is one of the most easy going laid back guys I know, who has such a passion for creating stunning artwork it's completely breathtaking. He's a master of his craft, and strives for perfection. He'll break down a tattoo for you, allow you to toss ideas around, and work above and beyond to make it look as realistic as possible. When your being tattooed by him, it doesn't feel like your being tattooed at all. Shane makes the entire process very enjoyable, and will bullshit with you about movies taking your mind off things.

I've gotten Sam Raimi from Intruder tattooed on me, Zach Galligan from his episode in Tales From The Crypt, (Zach Galligan himself has seen this tattoo, tweeted about it, and told me how blow away by how realistic it looks.) a Twin Peaks tribute tattoo, Peloquin from Nightbreed, and my personal favorite Robert Muldoon (the late Bob Peck) from Jurassic Park. Next week Shane is tackling a Green Inferno tattoo for me since let's face facts, I think I'm the only person on the planet that loved this movie.

Shane not only does amazing tattoo work, he's also started his own company called Theater Of Creeps, where he sells beyond awesome prints, pins, ect of his killer artwork. I own several pieces of his, and they are by far the coolest in my collection! 

So if you are ever in MA and want to get tattooed, check out Shane at the shop he works at Crown Of Thorns. 

Friend him on Facebook, and see where he's guest tattooing at, or touring his work at conventions!

Also check out his amazing shop!

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