Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Night Of The Comet drinking game!

 Night Of The Comet drinking game!

It's just a few more days until Christmas, which means Stacy has legit been watching every holiday themed movie possible and drinking large amounts of booze and egg nog. One of my favorite non-tridational Christmas movie comes in the splashy colorful 80's gem Night Of The Comet. I decided this year while watching my Scream Factory blu-ray to think of a zany little drinking game to play while watching. If you are in the mood to celebrate 80's style, here are the rules!

Drink when…
Somebody says comet.
A song is playing.
A gun is fired.
Somebody is killed.
Orange dust is shown.
Someone swears.
The name Larry is said.
A video game is being played.

Take a shot when…
A Christmas song is heard.
The letters DMK is shown.
Someone gets punched.
Someone has a nightmare.

Waterfall when…
The girls just wanna have fun montage happens.

Happy holidays all you teenage comet zombies!

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