Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Top 10 moments from the Silent Night Deadly Night series.

 Top 10 moments from the Silent Night Deadly Night series.

There are certain movies you just have to watch around different times of the year. For me I have a list of holiday themed films that I need to watch before Christmas. On this list there are movies such as Black Christmas, Black Xmas, Night Of The Comet, Lethal Weapon, Home Alone, Gremlins, and yes the Silent Night Deadly Night movies. The first three tell the story of brothers Billy and Ricky, two poor young boys who are traumatized after both of their parents are brutally murdered on Christmas Eve by a man dressed as Santa Clause. Due to a tragic series of events, it all builds up to both brothers snapping and going on beyond over the top massacres. The series strayed away from this storyline, and went with Brian Yuzna with this strange and surreal storyline of a cult in LA. The 5th and final film from the original series went even stranger telling the tale of a crazed toy maker and his "son" making Christmas presents that are actually dangerous killing tools. This film series is best known for being beyond cheesy, crazy, gory, and featuring some of the best kills and one liners ever to be featured in a slasher/horror movie. Here is my top 10 list of the best moments from the original 5 films.

10) "I love you mommy!" - SNDN 5

9) Rollerblades from Hell! - SNDN 5

8) Finger twisting - SNDN 4

7) Clint Howard sex "Yikes!" - SNDN 4

6) Ricky and Laura's showdown - SNDN 3

5) Laura's dream - SNDN 3

4) "Garbage day!" - SNDN 2

3) "Thank you…" - SNDN 2

2) Scariest night of the year. - SNDN 

1) Linnea in all her glory - SNDN

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