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Blood Rage - Arrow Video

 Blood Rage  - Arrow Video

PLOT - Back in the 1970's a single woman brings her two twin boys Terry and Todd with her on a date. Believing that the children are asleep in the back seat, she begins to fool around with her boyfriend. Waking, the two boys sneak out of the back of the car where Terry finds a young couple having sex in the back of a car a few yards away. Grabbing an axe, Terry violently attacks the teenagers and murders one in cold blood. Todd watches, going into shock where Terry smears the blood on his brother's face, placing the murder weapon in his hand. Once people run over hearing the screams, Terry thinks fast blaming his twin, now unable to speak after witnessing the violent crime on what happened. Ten years later, Todd is slowly coming out of it from his mental hospital, trying to convince his doctors that he was framed for the murder that happened years ago. Escaping on Thanksgiving night, Todd makes his way to the condo complex where his mother and brother live. After receiving word that his brother escaped, Terry snaps, going on a blood thirty rampage killing anyone who gets in his way.

LOWDOWN - I first discovered Blood Rage when my friend Nate brought over this highly underrated slasher on VHS to watch one night a few years ago. This same night we watched Rejevantor, and The Nest, before ending the evening filled with old school 80's gore with in my eyes one of the greatest most underrated slashers ever. This of course being Blood Rage. 

Blood Rage was originally filmed in 1983, and rereleased again in 1987 under the title of Nightmare At Shadow Woods. This movie sadly flew under the radar during the slasher boom, and didn't gain an audience until years later becoming a cult classic that was out of print for years.

I still remember being completely blown away when I first watched this movie. Mind you I was three sheets to the wind, but I clearly remember being floored over how awesome this movie was. It held the gritty 1980's look and feel, had an amazing score, tons of colorful bloody practical effects gore by Ed French, and a very decent well written script which you typically wouldn't see in a film like this. I feel this was a huge reason why this movie stands out for me. In fact if I had to count on one hand my top five favorite Slashers, this would be very close to taking the #1 spot.

I found a big reason why I loved this movie was the setting of the condos. Setting is always key for me on how a film works, and certain elements in this movie makes it sit on a different level completely than so many others. Between the setting of the Florida condos, AND the fact this is one of the few movies that takes place on Thanksgiving. There are clearly not a lot of thrillers/horror movies that take place on this holiday, and Blood Rage by far is the best one around and now a tradition to watch every November. Eli Roth, if you ever make Thanksgiving, take notes from this movie.

Between a likable cast, the crazy Louise Lasser (who really knocks it out of the park as the mother. Loved the little touches of her character not completely being there. Acting like a little girl, being a lush, being strangely attached to her son Terry, her crazy ramblings, and being so dependent on any male in her life. Her complex with her sons is really the backbone of the film. Mark Soper who plays the twins Terry and Todd really steals the show. For playing two different characters, he does a great job, making you feel horrible for Todd, and down right terrerfied of Terry the crazed twin. His handsome good looks, huge smile, and scene stealing moments is what makes him now one of my favorite killers in a slasher film ever. So happy with the re-release for Arrow Video they put him on the cover.

This new rerelease of Blood Rage proves yet again that Arrow video is one of the best companies around. So far I only own Society from them, but I'm praying they release some of their past titles such as Dawn Of The Dead and Pieces that were only available in the UK.

The transfer is crystal clear, which is awesome since my bootleg taken from a VHS was very dark, and sadly cut. Some of the scenes are so clear you could swear they were filmed in present day. It was awesome seeing all of the pool scenes bright and clear once and for all. With interviews from the cast and crew, a commentary, deleted scenes, behind the scene photos, the VHS opening titles, as well as showing the locations today, the special features are beyond amazing, as is the new eye catching art work. I loved hearing Ed French's thoughts of his work in this movie, which was amazing to see uncut in all it's bloody glory.

I so far have watched both Blood Rage and Nightmare At Shadow Woods, as well as the film with the commentary. This is strangely a feel good horror movie, and one I can't wait to show to friends. Blood Rage has finally gotten the release it deserves, and was given it's chance to shine once and for all. So for anyone who loves horror movies, slashers, or 1980's gore, check out Blood Rage! It will quickly become your new favorite Thanksgiving Day horror film!

Way to go Arrow Video can't wait for The Mutilator!

5 stars!

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