Monday, December 21, 2015

Holiday Horror - TV's best horror themed Christmas episodes.

 Holiday Horror - TV's best horror themed Christmas episodes.

As the holidays get closer and closer one finds themselves curling up with a glass of egg nog, and watching anything holiday themed. Even horror fans. Since I've started my vacation I've been kicking back and enjoying some of my favorite TV episodes that show a darker side of holiday cheer.

1) Tales From The Darkside - Seasons Of Belief.
- My favorite on the list. This highly underrated episode tells the story of one of the scariest/creepiest creatures ever. The Grither. This episode packs one Hell of a punch at the end, and honestly makes me still wish to this day they had made a whole movie about this monster.

2) Tales From The Crypt - And All Through The House
- The most famous episode on this list is a remade from the original 1970's Tales From The Crypt movie. This amazing episode aired during the first season and is a must to watch around this this time of  year!

3) Monsters - Glim, Glim
- I discovered this episode by accident a few years ago when I bought all three seasons of Monsters. This episode tells a really great story, but features one of the most depressing episodes ever. I was lucky enough to write my first Shitmas post a few years ago about Seasons Of Belief, and this one. You'll never look at strange aliens the same again. "Sigh…"

4) A Very Supernatural Christmas - Supernatural
- This episode was featured in the third season of Supernatural and as far as I know so far is the only Christmas episode so far in this long running show. Back when this show was truly awesome (long before all the confusing angel stuff) They had the boys hunting down a new monster every week. This story is packed full of laughs, and pretty gory kills. Remember to enjoy the eye candy and say "fudge" whenever you need to swear...

5) Wedding In Black - Friday the 13th the series.
- Not exactly a Christmas episode, I always think of the holidays whenever I watch this episode from my all time favorite show. This episode has a cruised snow globe which the main characters become trapped in. Telling a pretty awesome story with people from the leads' pasts, this episode has one of the coolest endings ever when the characters attempt to escape and get out of the globe. Fake snow for everyone!

6) American Horror Story Asylum - Unholy Night
- The darkest episode of this entire list features one of the scariest characters ever as well as some serious heavy subject matter. Nothing says the holidays more than the holidays!

- Side note - I know there are episodes that are Christmas themed for such shows as Buffy and The X-Files, but I decided to be fair and only list the ones I've seen.

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