Friday, October 30, 2015

Day 30 of 31 Killer Kills!

 Day 30 of 31 Killer Kills!

Tonight before I turn in for the night after a very successful take on my first Halloween costume, I'm posting the second to last kill in my 31 killer kills line up for the wonderful month of October. This certain kill is my second favorite of all time and wins the 30th slot for being beyond awesome. Featuring a young Fisher Stevens (who looks beyond adorable in those shorts) he plays the likable skinny Woodstock in the 1981 slasher classic The Burning. In what's featured as one of the most gory and brutal moments in slasher history, Stevens steals the scene by losing his digits in one single swoop. I've adored this scene for so long I forced a film class I took to watch this scene before Halloween, I've sculpted the character and killer as a figure, and I've even dressed up as Woodstock. So here it is, Fisher in all his glory!

Victim - Woodstock
Cause of death - Fingers chopped off, throat slit.

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