Saturday, October 31, 2015

Television Terror!

 Television Terror!

First off I need to say to everyone I wish them a very happy Halloween! This month FLEW by but was beyond awesome. Thanks for following 31 Killer Kills! This weekend so far has been bomb and my costumes have been a huge hit. To close I decided to make a post of some of the best terror/horror themed TV show episodes and made for TV movies to watch tonight!

1) The Midnight Hour

2) Midnight Offerings

3) Supernatural - It's The Great Pumpkin Sam Winchester

4) Tales From The Darkside - Trick or Treat

5) Tales From The Crypt - Strung Along

6) The Babysitter

7) Monsters - The Farmer's Daughter

8) Devil Dog From Hell

9) Dark Shadows reboot

10) Dark Night Of The Scarecrow. 

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