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Remembering Bob Peck. The Quint of dinosaur movies.

 Remembering Bob Peck. The Quint of dinosaur movies.
Just recently my good friend Chad over at did a fitting tribute for the late Roddy Pipper who sadly passed away suddenly, breaking hearts of horror and wrestling fans all over the world. Chad's article struck a cord with me since he went into detail over what an absolute nice guy Mr. Pipper was, and this connection he had with him since he strangely reminded him of his late father. Remembering certain other guests I've met in the past, getting a little choked up over, all comes down to the same thing. They were either in movies that were a huge part of my childhood, or brought back so many great memories I had watching these films with my late mother who is a huge reason of why I'm the horror and film buff I am today. After reading Chad's article, I became motivated to take a brief break from my summer line up to post this little tribute on a man who if anyone is friends with me on Facebook or IG can clearly tell I'm a huge fan of. A man who not only stars in one of my most favorite and underrated films of all time, but has also been tattooed on me.

Mr. Bob Peck. AKA Robert Muldoon from Jurassic Park.

Typicaly if you were to ask me what are some of my favorite films the answers would be easy. Jaws, Christine, Waxwork, Summer School, Amityville 1992, Intruder, The Monster Squad, Dangerously Close, Waxwork II, The Burning, ect. Jurassic Park isn't a movie I've really gushed about in the past, but nevertheless has been a favorite of mine since it was released back in 1993. Now I'll admit, I'm most likely one of Jaws' all time biggest fans. It's a movie I've seen well over a hundred times. I collect sharks which all sit in my car, I own an original poster signed by the cast and crew, and have a shark tattooed on my foot. In fact I'm such a nut over this movie I want my ashes spread where the it was filmed. Most of my friends would think sharks…then my name. What can I say? I liked sharks before hipsters ruined liking sharks. "sigh…"

But I have another favorite Spielberg movie. One that I still remember watching non-stop with my family over and over again on my VHS tape. Having a raptor doll who I named "Rex" and trying constantly to try and beat the video name.

This of course is Jurassic Park.

If I had to name 5 movies from my childhood, Jurassic Park would always make the list. I can't really explain it since I'm not a huge dinosaur nut, but it's always been a must have to watch whenever it's on. In fact I can't even count how many times I've seen this movie before. Back in 2013 I went to see it when it was released in 3D and by far had one of the greatest times ever seeing a movie up on the silver screen. Now I'll be the first to admit this, I really, and I mean really don't like the sequels. I HATE The Lost World, and really never got too into part III. I of course was pretty excited when I heard about Jurassic World coming out, and when I saw it I finally got the true sequel to the original I had been waiting twenty plus years for. While still on a Jurassic high, (buying shaving cream themed off this movie, I got the zany idea to get a summer tattoo…based off one of my all time favorite movie characters.)

Robert Muldoon.

My artist Shane Murphy knocked this one right out of the park and I instantly fell head over hells in love. Meeting fellow Jurassic Park fans and doing #JurassicJuly. I had a blast talking non-stop old school Jurassic Park stuff, all the while remembering so many truly amazing memories I had watching this movie with my mother and sister when I was younger. In fact just recently I did a Jurassic Park drinking game with my sister (a total blast for people who grew up watching this movie) and really hadn't laughed so hard in years. This is a feel good movie and is awesome for several different reasons. One of the main reasons for me is Robert Muldoon.

Played by the late Bob Peck, Robert Muldoon not only is the most interesting character in the movie, but as the book as well. Playing the handsome game warden from Kenya, he's the only guy who works there that has the balls enough to tell his boss he's an idiot and making a terrible mistake breeding the creatures he has. His legs are crazy muscular, and his accent is something ladies can only dream about. Stealing every scene he's in, Muldoon has some of the best lines "SHOOT HER!" and of course the iconic "Clever girl…" before suffering one of the most bad ass deaths since Quint slipped into the giant white's mouth at the end of Jaws. In fact, for those who have read the book, they know that Muldoon actually survives and pretty much steals the show (like he did in the movie) and even sedates the T-rex. Still, you have to hand it to the movie for being pretty awesome for having such an epic death. I mean how awesome was that when the raptor leaps on him. All done with practical effects. Muldoon's chilling screams as the raptor rips him apart still haunts me to this day. In fact I found out a bit of trivia that they cut a scene in The Lost World where the company In-Gen is reporting how much they had to pay off the families of the victims from the last movie. Wanting to keep the door open in case they ever wanted Muldoon to return (since he was a fan favorite) they decided never to state on screen that he was actually killed if they ever wanted to bring him back for a later sequel.

Sadly Bob Peck passed away from cancer in late 1999.

Bob Peck was a classically trained theater actor from Yorkshire England. Working for years for the Royal Shakespeare Company, he branched onto different television drama before appearing in 1985's Edge Of Darkness. A mini series that became a cult classic turning Bob into a world wide name. In 1993, he played Robert Muldoon in Jurassic Park, and the rest if history. Working in several other projects (as well as Slipstream, and Lord Of The Flies) Bob was often always looked up by his colleagues as being a brilliant and humble actor. Married to actress Jill Baker, and a father of three, Bob continued working until losing a battle to cancer, which he had been fighting for several years. He was only fifty-three years old.

Sir Ian McKellen as gone on record claiming the one actor he learned the most from was from Bob Peck.

Bob's legacy lives not only with his children, but his work that will forever be immortalized. I just recently watched Edge Of Darkness and was blown away by how intense and brilliant Bob was. A handsome, classically trained actor with sharp features, and great presence, Bob's take on Muldoon will forever and always be one of my all time favorite characters ever featured in a movie. Watching Jurassic World, I honestly couldn't believe it when I started to get choked up when the original visitor's center was shown. Remember a simpler time, back in 1993 I for some odd reason felt start to build behind my eyes as the children wandered around. It kills me his character was never paid tribute to since he's one of the most memorable parts of the original film. I can only hope if they do indeed make a Jurassic World part II they talk about his character or have his character's son come back for revenge or something. I guess only time will tell…

I feel honored to have this man tattooed on me and I hope Shane's work made him proud. A great actor, and an even greater character will forever and always be missed.

RIP Bob Peck. You are greatly missed. I hope wherever you are, you're wearing those shorts and flocking with as many clever girls as you can handle! 

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