Sunday, August 2, 2015

Just Before Dawn - A final girl we've never seen before!

 Just Before Dawn - A final girl we've never seen before.

You got Laurie, Nancy, Sally, Kirsty, and Alice. There are endless amounts of final girls who are kick ass young women who go head to head with the film's villain.

Ladies, you haven't met Constance yet.

In 1981, yet another camp slasher was made. This time in the form of Just Before Dawn. What makes this film stand out is what happens at the very end.


One of the girls named Constance goes camping with her boyfriend and group of buddies quickly becomes stalked by backwoods psychos. As her friends are picked off one by one, her boyfriend wounded and completely terrified, the tables are turned. Playing a pretty mousy young lady, she thinks quick on her feet knowing exactly what she has to do. Changing into short shorts, a crop top, and paining her face with enough makeup to cause a hooker to blush, she waits until the crazed hillbillies attack her camp where she seduces the lead killer, before getting him to lay down thinking he's about to get lucky.


In one of the best twists, she shoves her entire fist down the killer's throat, pinning him down and cramming her entire arm pretty much elbow deep causing him to choke to death. 

Oh lady, some people would pay big money for that kind of treatment!

Now Just Before Dawn really isn't a movie to write home about, but this scene is what makes it truly memorable. So ladies, if you decide to go camping these last few weeks of summer, remember your short shorts and makeup. You might just need them! 

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