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8 reasons why Friday the 13th V A New Beginning is awesome.

 8 reasons why Friday the 13th V A New Beginning is awesome.

The bastard son of the series. Some hate it because of the "cop" out ending. Others feel they wanted a Jason movie and bang, they didn't get a Jason movie. I for one, really like this movie. In fact it's a million times better than part 8 and Jason X (Then again, this is coming from somebody who loves Jason Goes To Hell) I feel this was the last sorta early to mid 80's Friday the 13th themed movie. It's a great fun cheesy little movie, with tons of memorable moments that have always stood out for me. Here is a list of the reasons why I love this movie.

1) Tommy Jarvis' story continues.
- Tommy Jarvis did something that others died trying to do. He killed Jason Voorhees. Tommy has been played by 3 actors, and this is the sequel in what I like to call the Tommy Jarvis trilogy. I really liked that for a slasher movie, they continued his storyline, now as a young teenager. You honestly have to feel bad for this guy since he completely lost it after that fateful night all those years ago. He watched people get butchered, his mother murdered, his sister attacked, and finally hacked the killer to little tiny pieces. Loved seeing his character continue!

2) It's killer opening.
- I love a great opening, mostly in a horror movie. Part 5 has a great one. With Corey Feldman returning for a brief cameo, this opening sets the tone for the entire film. I love the stormy night, and Tommy watching completely helps as those two dumb shits dig Jason up.

3) The high body count
- Twenty-two, count em, twenty-two deaths in this movie. At this point in the series, it was the highest body count to date. The film was filled with brutal and beyond awesome deaths. One after another, they seemed to top themselves. Sure some I felt could have been a little more bloody, but for the most point these rocked. You got axes to backs, nails through heads, girls getting stabbed while doing to robot, I could talk about these for days…

4) Joey's brutal candy bar death.
- Oh man, speaking of deaths one of the most shocking moments of this film is when poor simple minded Joey is strolling around bothering the teens who are trying to do their chores. Sadly he asks Victor who's chopping woods, and decides to offer him a candy bar at the wrong time. Victor flips and takes the axe and pretty much chops poor Joey to bits. With some great editing and camera work, this moment really was awesome. I just wish there was an uncut version of the aftermath, because what I saw laying underneath that sheet was gross!

5) Ethel and Junior
- You dumb dildo! Leave it to this film to have the most zany comic relief pair ever seen in a horror movie. They basically steal every scene they are in, sputtering nonsense to each other. They get two killer deaths, as well as making some mighty tasty stew. Mmmm!

6) Reggie the reckless
- "You scared of spiders? You scared of rubber spiders? You scared of rubber spiders on strings? Man, you are one scared cat! Nothing says an awesome movie more than a sassy child. Love his high pitch scream, and that killer red hoodie of his.

7) "Ohhhh baby…ohhhh baby…"
- My favorite scene in this entire movie has to be in the trailer park when Reggie visits his older brother Demon and his girlfriend. The best is Demon has to race to the local outhouse when nature calls, and his girlfriend stays outside singing back and forth to him. Nothing honestly says love more than singing back and forth to your loved while while they shit.

8) A pretty clever plot twist.
- I think I'm honestly the only person out here that loves the ending twist to this movie. Some people call it a cop out, but I on the other hand liked the fact they did something new. (SPOILER ALERT) - Pretty much, you learn that Joey, the young kid that gets hacked to death with an axe while offering a candy bar had a father who took off before he was born. Instead of stepping up and being a good father, he worked as a local paramedic while his simple son was shuffled from home to home until he was the first to arrive on the scene of his brutal murder. Here he snaps and decide to become a copycat on Crystal Lake's most famous murderer. With a brand new mask, he goes pretty crazy until the big reveal. Sure it isn't Jason, but I think that makes Tommy ten times more bad ass that he actually killed him and had him down for the count for a whole movie! 

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