Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday the 13th The Final Chapter rare action figure!

 Friday the 13th The final Chapter rare action figure!

Friday the 13th The Final Chapter goes down as one of the most epic sequel installments ever in slasher history. At the time in 1984, Paramount wanted to kill the studio's bastard form of a cash cow. After three very successful films, they decided to kill Jason once and for all. Pulling out all the stops, The Final Chapter was a brutal, gore packed film with plenty of hacked up teenagers, an awesome final girl, and finally somebody that could actual outsmart the killer. Tommy Jarvis, a young horror crazed kid played by the then, not so annoying Corey Feldman. 

A personal favorite sequel in my eyes, this movie as everything. Savini returns for some truly amazing effects. A killer opening, amazing deaths, and yes…Crispin Glover's outstanding dance moves. One would wonder, why wasn't there an action figure based off that character?

Well guess what. Instead for a brief period of time in 2006 MISB made a killer sideshow exclusive 12" figure of Mr. Jason Voorhees from part IV. This figure was only limited to 666, and goes for a pretty penny on ebay. Now as more Jason figures are released (more and more from certain sequels) this makes this one even rarer. A must have for any collector!

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