Saturday, July 11, 2015

Stephen King's Home Delivery

 Stephen King's Home Delivery.

PLOT - Maddie, a young timid and mousey woman loses her husband in a fishing accident shortly after discovering she's pregnant. Trying to finally gain independence, and pick up the pieces of her life she continues living on the small coastal island before strange news reports begin popping up. It seems that corpses are coming back to life all over the world and attacking the living. It isn't long before the town's people of the island begin setting up watch on the small local cemetery as they are completely cut off from the rest of the world. Banding together, the people of the island begin to fight back while Maddie holds a secret of a visitor she had shortly before from the depths of the ocean.

LOWDOWN - This morning I woke up, made a massive iced coffee, took my dogs on my back deck, and set up my umbrella. Here I searched for one of my all time favorite King novels Cujo, which for some strange unknown reason I re-read every summer. Well either I lost my ten copies of the book, or they must all be sitting in the trunk of my car. Deciding to say screw it, I took Nightmares and Dreamscapes, one of the many collections of King's short stories. Now I bought this book about a year ago since I'm a huge fan of Night Shift and Skelton Crew. I flipped through some of it but honestly never really got into it. Today I decided to pass the morning by sitting outside and reading a short story. By random I chose Home Delivery knowing zero about it. In finished this short story within the hour and was pretty blown away by how great it was. 

In fact I'm sorta down right shocked this hasn't been made into a movie yet.

In 2005 a cartoon of this story was made and It's not even worth posting since it's that bad. Legit, horrible. I feel with how popular zombie movies are this story is rich enough top honestly be made into a film or even a TV episode. Who knows if Joe King ever decides to do that Tales From The Darkside this could be a killer episode. Sure the lead character is written in such a way I even had to stop a few times and go "Really?" Sadly there are women out there that are completely clueless to do jack squat in even making a choice. Sexist maybe, but believe it or not King did some brilliant writing in Maddie since she changes so fast during the course of this short story. In the beginning she's this mousey island girl that lives with her parents, works at the library, and pretty much is ruled underneath her father's thumb with her mother. Following her, she is basically the same way after she marries her young husband and allows him to make all the choices even when it comes down to what kind of food to like and what sort of things to buy. Pregnant, alone, and still clueless she starts really showing her roots at the end when it reveals her fighting not only for her own life but for her child's. I loved the breakthrough with her character and now see exactly where King was going with her. In fact I would like to think he took a few pages out of Dawn Of The Dead with the Fran character. 

So in closing I highly recommend this short story. I'm slowly trying to make my way through this collection of short stories and so far is one is one of my favorites.

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