Saturday, July 11, 2015

Friday the 13th (1980) - Comic Con release

 Friday the 13th (1980) - Comic Con release.

Comic Con on the West Coast is known for being awesome for several different reasons. For the past few years I follow the events through some of my friends who attend the weekend. This year's show looks like a complete blast, and of course one of the coolest things about Comic Con is the killer toy releases that appear, some even only being available at this show and this weekend only. One of the coolest toys that caught my eye was the retro double release of Mrs. Voorhees and little Jason back when he was knee high to a pig's eye at Camp Crystal Lake.

I'm a massive Friday the 13th fan. Hell, I even adore the TV series. It's funny I'm doing a post about a Friday the 13th toy since just recently a friend of mine who's looking to complete his Friday the 13th collection is looking for any items he might not had. Going back home after talking to him I decided to look through my own collection to see if there was anything he might be interested in buying or trading. Well I was down right surprised when I noticed I really don't have that many Friday the 13th items. I have of course all the movies on DVD and VHS. A few figures I've had since I was a kid and stupid enough to take out of the box, and very few still in their original packaging. In fact I have TONS and I mean TONS of Freddy stuff, but barley any Jason stuff. I do own a Mrs. Voorhees doll (out of the package of course) from Friday the 13th. This one is pretty awesome mostly due to the late Ms. Betsy Palmer's passing just last month. I would love to own this, but would I pay the high price or bug one of my friend to sang it. Ehhh, not really. I'm a fan, but I'm sure a while down the road I'll see it at a booth at some random convention. I heard that other future Jason figures are popping up at the show that look completely bad ass. Something else to look forward to with the future!

The original Friday the 13th is a huge favorite of mine. Many friends of mine have argued that they don't like the original Friday the 13th. I'm a huge fan of the films (mostly the first five) and don't see this movie as a slow pace slasher. In fact I find it down right terrifying! I'm yet to own this movie on blu-ray but I have seen it in HD and it's stunning. I love the killer, love the deaths, and of course love the score. Just this year I was able to snag the soundtrack on vinyl from Waxwork Records. 

Who knows, maybe tonight I'll celebrate by downing a few beers, and watching the original classic.

Long live 1980!

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