Sunday, July 12, 2015

Buy the Sleepaway Camp trilogy on blu-ray today!

 Buy the Sleepaway Camp trilogy on blu-ray today!

This past weekend at Comic Con Shout Factory announced some killer titles for the up coming year. As always they crank out some truly amazing releases for the summer. This year two big films that were released were the true last two films in my eyes in the Sleepaway Camp trilogy. I downright adore the first Sleepaway Camp. By far one of my top five favorite slashers of all time. Am I a huge fan of the other two films? Ehhh… I like them for what they are. They are silly films, with some pretty great kills and lines. Sadly I'm a little behind and have yet to pick these two films up. I all ready own them in the First Aid box set that came out years ago and seeing that they aren't huge favorites of mine, I'm still on the fence of actually buying them. I really love the artwork for the third film, but the second. Yeah…just yeahhh…

Angela is über happy about camping. 4lokos for everyone!

I do on the other hand have gotten the first film that was released last summer. This blu-ray is crystal clear, packed with extra features and as strange as this sounds I love me a great menu. This movie has one. The Sleepaway Camp films scream summer time, and these movies are a must to watch around this time a year. So grab yourself a curling iron and go camping out with these awesome flicks!

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