Friday, July 10, 2015

Jurassic Park Mondo scores!

 Jurassic Park Mondo scores!

Safe to say I've been in a complete Jurassic Park haze this summer. In fact I've been celebrating Jurassic July in the best way possible. As I've said earlier this year, I just really discovered Mondo prints. Now trust me, I own enough posters/prints/and artwork. But prints, stunning new artwork and takes on some of my all time favorite films excite me. So far I have a Pet Sematary one and a The Hills Have Eyes one. Just a few weeks ago I noticed Jurassic Park yet again were getting the Mondo treatment with a super cool vinyl release. Deciding to treat myself, I ordered the super awesome print which features not only my favorite scene from the original films…but my favorite character.

Robert Muldoon. 

It's pretty clear after getting my beyond sick tattoo last week that I down right adore the late Bob Peck's character. In fact the only thing that was wrong in Jurassic World for me was not featuring his son or something coming back for some raptor revenge. Whenever somebody says "Clever girl…" you instantly think of Jurassic Park. Thanks so some mix ups, I was also able to get the vinyl real by John William's epic score along with some stunning and beautiful artwork. Today I received both in the mail and framed up my Mondo print and all I gotta say is.


This is one print I know I won't ever be selling. The only thing that bums me out about this release is the fact the late Bob Peck can't sign it. I strongly urge anyone to check out these epic Mondo prints based off one of the most bad ass movies of the 1980's. 

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