Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Shark Night 3D

 Shark Night 3D

In tradition in celebrating Shark Week, I decided to pick a certain guilty pleasure of mine from 2011. By no means is Shark Night a great movie. It's flawed, cheesy at times, and some very unlikeable characters. But with the bad comes the good. Some characters aren't actually that bad (Thank you Joel David Moore.) And as a huge shark fan, I felt this was one of the better shark movies. A curse that has happened since Jaws 4 that no movie could truly top the original films. In the following years we've gotten some truly horrible shark movies. Some decent, others so over the top and silly you just have to shake your head.

Shark Night 3D cashed in on the popular 3D pitch, and when I saw it when it was first released, the 3D parts actually weren't that bad. What I really liked about this movie was the fact they had puppets and realistic effects blended with the CGI which actually still holds up. With a great location, and summer like feel, Shark Night 3D is a fun movie with plenty of memorable moments. A must for any horror or shark fan out there! 

What scene sticks out to me the best has to be when one of the characters who's lost not only his girlfriend but his arm all in one day, finally has had enough and walks straight out into the water where he spears a hammerhead shark to death. 

Talk about epic!

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  1. Love this movie. I wrote to the director David R. Ellis, who unfortunately passed away, and he sent me a signed poster for this movie and The Final Destination. I also agree Joel David Moore is very cool. If you have not seen Spiral, you should.