Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Scream Factory's The Funhouse. Own it on blu-ray today!

Scream Factory's The Funhouse. Own it on blu-ray today!

I own nearly thirty-plus titles released by Shout Factory. In the last few years Shout Factory otherwise known as Scream Factory has been knocking it out of the park with re-releasing classic title after classic title. Most of which have been remastered in crystal clear HD, has brand new artwork, and new special features. I have a ton so far, some of which have been titles that have been out of print for years, or with SE editions. Some of my favorites has been Nightbreed, Body Bags, the Burning, Price Of Darkness, and Lord Of Illusions.

My latest buy from Scream Factory is a little hidden gem directed by Mr. Hooper in 1981. This of course being The Funhouse (which has a book that's actually really awesome) This movie is visual eye candy, and has some great new artwork. It's a must to watch around the summer and enjoy! Nothing really says the summer more than a carnival, cotton candy, popcorn, strippers (…) and teenagers getting killed.

Check out this title right away and spend a night at the funhouse…if you dare!

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