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All Tied Up (1993) - 8 reasons why this movie rocks!

 All Tied Up (1993) - Ten reasons why this movie rocks!

PLOT - Brian is a handsome, charming, and foolish ladies man who has finally decided to burn his little black book, and hang up his bad habits once and for all so he can propose to his long-time girlfriend Linda. After a huge mix-up, Linda is convinced that Brian will never change. Taking charge with her roommates, they take Brian hostage, tie him up, and for one wild weekend put him through as much humiliation as humanly possible! 

- I think everyone knows what a huge fan I am of Mr. Zach Galligan. It would only be fitting that I choose at least one of his films to celebrate StayStill's Summer Sensation! All Tied Up is a zany romantic comedy that goes down as one of my all time favorite guilty pleasure movies of all time. Not only do you have Mr. Galligan being complete a total eye candy, you also have Teri Hatcher, long before she was a housewife camping it up as Zach's girlfriend who has finally had it up to here with his nonsense. With some pretty funny moments, and a twisted spin on what really sounds like a horror movie, All Tied Up is the perfect feel good movie. Here are some reasons why it rocks!

8) It's a feel good movie.
- This movie is one of the few I can watch whenever I feel a little down. I love comedies, in fact this is one of my favorites. One of the few "girly" movies I really like. It's a hoot to watch with plenty of laughs, and a pretty awesome idea. Aka kidnapping Zach Galligan. What? Only me?...

7) Likable characters.
- I love all the characters in this movie. Even all the girl roommates. My favorite of course is Sharon, who seems to be the only one who's truly having a fun time while the Brian is tied up at the house. I love how she sneaks in blindfolding him, making him guess vegetables, and reading lines for a B movie. "Revenge of the giant licking thing." 

6) It's funny.
- Like I said, I love a good comedy. This one is a cute little romance movie with a spin. You could call the women in this movie completely out of their mind, but I found it amusing. (I would) Sure it isn't the greatest movie, and it's very cheesy and the ending is a tad bit unbelievable, but Hell, I laughed. I love the scene where Kim decides to shave Zach with an old rusty razor. Are we talking about a Saw movie here? You be the judge...

5) What should be a twisted thriller is actually a comedy.
- When I first watched this with my best friend, we kept looking at each other and thought the same exact thing. "Holy shit, these women are crazy…" If this was reality they all would have ended up serving some serious jail time for what they did. My friend also laughed saying if you ever tried to explain this movie to anyone, it really does sound like some twisted thriller. A cheating boyfriend gets kidnapped by his girlfriend and her two roommates. They hold him hostage, strapping him to the bed where they starve and humiliate him. Hummm. (Spoiler) In one of the ending scenes where Linda brings a butcher knife into the bedroom to cut Brian loose, my friend said how crazy this movie would have been if out of nowhere, seventy minutes in she loses it and stabs him to death. I have a feeling had they gone that route, people would still be talking about this movie today.

4) Guess ten different squashes.
- I honestly can't remember if it's eight or ten squashes but this scene where the Sharon character creeps into the bedroom always cracks me up. "Brian, are you a sleep?" "No…I was resting my eyes." Teasing him, Sharon promises to untie him if she can cover his eyes and have him guess what kind of squashes she's giving him. I die every time. "Acorn?"

3) Zach Galligan tied to a bed the whole movie.
- Seriously, who wouldn't love this movie.

2) Teri Hatcher
-  I've never been a huge fan of Ms. Hatcher, but she looked absolutely stunning in this movie. Even if her character Linda was a little desperate, I still thought she was adorable in it. Her and Galligan made the perfect pair!

1) Um, did I mention Zach Galligan.
- As a huge fan of Mr. Galligan, this movie is an absolute riot. Zach rarely played the romantic lead in movies, so seeing him in this movie was a true treat. Not only is he adorable in it, he also plays a sorta two sided character that you can't help but like, but can't help but hate. He's hilarious in the movie (him trying to change the channel on the remote, being carried on the beach, and yes wearing a skirt for the entire second half of the movie.) This was around the time he had just finished up Waxwork II, so in my eyes this is Mark Loftmore in all his glory! Wooo hoooo!


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