Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Video Dead 1987

 The Video Dead 1987

Today's choice comes from the killer 1987 underrated terror TV classic The Video Dead. I believe it or not had never heard about this movie until a few years ago when I met with one of the guys who was responsible for gaining support in getting this long lost film released on blu-ray from Shout Factory. Once it was released as a double feature with Terrorvision I was thrilled and loved both movies. The Video Dead is a low budget cheesy little horror fest, that believe it or not has a really cool idea behind it. One of my favorite things behind this movie is one of the twists of pretending that absolutely nothing is wrong when the zombies and undead come through the TV. If you act like everything is perfectly normal they don't attack. Nothing says a welcoming home more than fixing a group of flesh eating zombies canned beans!

This movie is a fun little film to watch during the summer time, mostly as great background noise whenever you have friends over. So, turn your fans up, get the TVs on and watch The Video Dead and enjoy another StayStill Summer Sensation! 

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