Thursday, July 16, 2015

Friday the 13th part III drinking game!

 Friday the 13th part III drinking game!

As one of my all time favorite sequels in the entire series, of course I just HAD to make a drinking game to it! So grab a couple of beers, some popcorn, and of course your 3D glasses and pop in this killer classic.

Take a drink when…
- Somebody has the name "Jason"
- Somebody dies
- A 3D shot is shown
- When somebody says the name "Rick!"
- A flashback is shown.
- Somebody is shown smoking.
- Disco music is played.

Take a shot when…
- Shelly plays a prank.
- Somebody is shown eating.
- Glass breaks

Waterfall when…
- Jason gets the axe to the head, and don't stop until he collapses. 
- Andy plays with his yo-yo over Debbie. 
- Whenever Shelly is running.

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