Saturday, July 18, 2015

Vacations From Hell!

 Vacations From Hell!

Summer time means many things. For lots of people it means taking a much needed vacation. Deciding to sum up a few of this week's summer choices, I'm making a list of some of the worst vacations that are featured in a horror movie.

Lake Tenkiller - Terror At Ten killer.
- Why is it awful? - Well between a crazed psychopath lurking around, you also get horny old men that might pinch your bottom, jealous ex boyfriends, and the only place to get a drink is a local burger joint on that water that looks boring as hell! Remember to lock your doors before you slip into the hot tub!

The beach - Blood Beach.
- Why is it awful? - Sinkholes, flesh eating worm creatures, and yes unseen monsters lurking underneath the sand. That's just a couple examples of how bad this beach is! To think, just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water…bang! You get your legs chopped off while walking on the sand. Watch out! And remember to wear flip-flops. That sand can be hot! Or maybe even deadly...

The Chalmers' bed & breakfast - Funeral Home.
- Why is it awful? -  Well if you ignore the fact the place your staying at used to be a funeral home, how about all the disappearances in the area? Or "accidental deaths?" Bodies at the local swimming hole, strange noises coming from the basement. oh and creepy black cats. Yep, no thanks!

The desert - The Hills Have Eyes 1& 2
- Why is it awful? - Between the horrible heat, snakes, scorpions, wolfs, and God knows what else. We have inbred, mutant flesh eating blood thirsty families living in caves. Not exactly the best place to break down or run out of gas!

Lost River Lake resort and summer camp -Piranha 

- Why is it awful? -   Well the biggest thing of course is the flesh eating piranha which swim downstream, attacking whoever is in the water as well as a summer camp, and brand new resort which is run by a very greedy and cheap Dick Miller. Next time you take an inner tube out on the water, if you feel a nip of your backside…watch out!

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