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Top 13 moments from the Friday the 13th films.

 Top 13 moments from the Friday the 13th films.

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! My all ready just three months into 2015 and this is our second Friday the 13th. Just last month I celebrated in style by watching Friday the 13th part 7 The New Blood, along with several of my favorite episodes from Friday the 13th the series season 1. Tonight, I'm having a rather low key night due to feeling under the weather. I'm drinking tons of tea, and attempting and I stress attempting to watch the first four Friday the 13th films in random order. I started off with part III, and quickly moving onto the final chapter. Tonight I decided to try to pin point as hard as this may be to chose my top 13 favorite moments from the Friday the 13th films. Oh yeah, I'm not counting the Friday the 13th remake. #sorryaboutit. So here we are, my top 13 favorite moments from one of my all time favorite slasher series!

13) "Freddy Vs. Jason…place your bets."
- I hate to admit it, but back in 2003 when I first saw Freddy Vs. Jason when it came out I was beyond disappointed. The only really good part of the entire mess was the actual fight. In fact the only moment that really did seem half way badass was when Freddy appeared in the real world, and saw Jason in the burning cabin where the fight began.

12) Ice Ice Baby…
-"Sigh" another entry that I really truly hate. No offense to this sequel, but I don't even own it and that says a lot. (I'm the queen of owning shitty movies) Nevertheless, there was one scene in all of Jason X that I acutely thought was pretty brutal. This being the liquid nitrogen death.

11) The most epic ending of all time.
-I'm sure I'm gonna get a TON of hate on this, but I down right adore Jason Goes To Hell. In fact I would watch this a million times over some of the later sequels. They tried to do something different, and I honestly think they did a great job. Now after Jason gets his ass handed to him by Mr. John D LeMay and his niece, he's dragged down to Hell. In the film's final moments, we see the old hockey mask laying in the dirt when…low and behold a famous gloved hand with claws pops up and drags the mask down below. I'm sure I'm speaking for pretty much any fan back in 1993 when they either saw this movie or rented it that they were completely floored. Sadly the Freddy Vs. Jason film we ended up getting was nothing compared to the hype this movie left with us.

10) Jason at Time Square.
- I don't hate this movie. In fact, it's sorta a guilty pleasure of mine because it's so stupid. Still, as much as fans poke fun that this really should have been called Jason takes The Love Boat, you gotta admit there is nothing cooler than seeing our famous hockey masked killer standing in Time Square in 1988. i love the bit where he knocks over the boom box and slowly lifts his mask at the thugs. "It's cool man! It's cool!"

9) Tina rises Jason from his watery grave.
- "I wish I could bring you back…" Oh Tina, I bet you wish you never said that. The New Blood is sadly highly underrated due to it's pretty far fetch plot line, and the fact most of it's gory mind blowing effects were cut out of the film. (The boyfriend's death near the lake where he gets his face split unedited legit is one of the best slasher effects I've ever seen.) As zany as this movie is, one of the best moments is from the beginning when a distraught Tina goes to the lake and wishes she could bring her father who accidentally drowned several years before back from the dead. WELL…big mistake lady because she gets somebody to rise from the water, but not the right person. I just love the score in this movie as well as watching Kane for the first time ever rocking that mask as he bursts out of the water. Utter perfection.

8) Tommy Jarvis Vs. Jason
- As much as I really have a special place in my heart for the first five films, I have to give credit where credit is due. Friday the 13th part 6 Jason Lives is truly a great film. As much as I love the epic lake battle at the end between Tommy and Jason, I love the opening to this film the most. It starts off with a bang with Tommy (now played by Thom Mathews) driving to the cemetery to prove to himself that he really did indeed kill Jason all those years ago. Yet again…BIG MISTAKE! The second he digs up the grave and opens the coffin we get to see Jason looking a little worse for the wear. (I always remembered this scene as a kid with all the maggots crawling over him.) Tommy has what I like to call "a moment" and takes a metal fence pole and starts stabbing the corpse when he starts to remember the attack his sister and himself went through years ago. Well as luck would have it, lighting strikes, causing Jason to wake up nice and well..less than fresh after a long dirt nap. Killing Tommy's friend, he grabs his hockey mask Tommy brought and like a true boss puts it on as a 007 like title flashes across the screen. Beyond epic doesn't even begin to explain how great this scene is.

7) Violet's robot dance.
- Love or hate it, I really like A New Beginning. I mean The Final Chapter was a tough act to follow, but something about this bastard sequel I can't help but really like. One of the most memorable scenes has to be when the Violet character is alone in her room dancing to "His Eyes" and doing some killer robot dance moves. 

6) Jason's death.
- Pretty much everything about The Final Chapter was awesome. In fact it's one of my favorite sequels and had these films really ended, this would have been one hell of a way to really take Jason out. The final twenty minutes of this movie is beyond action packed. You get blood splashing everywhere, people getting thrown through windows, people jumping out windows, shaved heads, slicing, chopping, stabbing, cutting, and oh so much more. I really do like Trish the best as my favorite final girl from these movies. Not only did she think quick on her feet, she also was pretty bad ass. I love when she stabs Jason in the hand and tells him she's going to give him something to remember her by. The best of course is when young Tommy (played by Corey Feldman) shaves his head to make himself look like a younger Jason. Here he distracts Jason long enough for Trish to knock off his mask where, props to Savini, we get to see truly what the adult Jason would look like. Scared shitless after seeing this monster unmasked, she is too horrified to even move. Tommy thinks fast, jumps down and rams Jason's weapon right through his face. There we watch Jason slowly slide down the blade. Tommy has his first of many "moments" and sees Jason's finger move. Losing it, he hacks Jason again, and again, and again. For once, somebody for a horror movie that legit won't stop stabbing the killer until they know for sure that they are dead. Call Tommy crazy, but guess what, he's the only person that killed Jason long enough to stay dead for a whole sequel. Take that!

5) Crispin Glover's dance moves.
- The second entry for dance moves. I love Crispin Glover. He's weird, attractive, and was in some pretty awesome movies. Sure we'll all remember him as either Willard or George McFly, but I will always think of him as Jimmy the dead fuck. In a scene where Crispin gets to show his unknown talent of dancing, you honestly can't even watch the scene with a straight face. I can't count how many times I watched it shitfaced with friends dying. Thanks for the memories Crispin!

4) Eye popping effects.
- I love part III, shitty dated 3D effects and all. In fact, it's one of my favorites, and the most watched out of all the sequels. This film was filled with brutal moments (Andy's handstand death most of all) but my favorite as most memorable has to go to Rick the leading man. (Man was he attractive!) Poor Rick just wanted a little lovin, and what does he get? Jason crushing his skull until one of those pretty blue eyes go flying towards the camera. Awesome.

3) Ginny plays mind games with Jason.
- Another final girl that knows how to think on her feet. Friday the 13th part II is really a great sequel. The deaths are ten times more brutal, and we get to meet sweet little Jason…who isn't that little, not dead, and wears a sack on his head. Go figure! Part II is filled with great moments but the best as to be when Jason has chased poor Ginny all around the woods for most of the night when she just so happens to stumble to his hermit shack in the middle of nowhere. (I always wonder, how long did he live there?) Running inside, she finds the shrine to Jason's late mother, filled with candles, her old sweater, and the corpses of Alice from part 1 who killed her, and now Terry. Hearing Jason hack down the door, in a complete panic Ginny thinks fast and pulls on the dirty sweater, and tucks her hair in. When Jason gets in, she starts speaking to him as if she's his mother. And guess what?! It actually works for a little bit! Always great to see Pamela again!

2) Kevin Bacon bites the dust.
- Slasher films are best known for featuring unknown stars at the time. In 1980, nobody really knew who Kevin Bacon was. there wasn't even six degree of him yet. Still, this wide eyed sandy haired pretty boy played Jack, the poor soul who right after getting laid gets an arrow from under his bunk straight through his throat. Still one of my all time favorite deaths and moments from all the movies!

1) Annie's death.
- The first Friday the 13th is very underrated and over looked by Jason with his high body count, and the never ending sequels. I never felt so much disappointment when I saw the 2009 remake and saw that they just threw the original storyline out the window. First of all, this was a pretty elegant shot film, in fact the locations were breathtaking. Also so many people say it's such a slow movie, but I think it's the scariest with the best build up. The best is when we flash forward to June 13th in 1980 and meet Annie. The happy go lucky girl who's slowly making her way to the summer camp she'll be working as a cook. Looking forward to her new job, she hitches rides and ignores the warnings from the locals. Hitching a ride with an unseen driver, she gushes about how excited she is and the audience is fooled to believe that she might be our lead. WRONG! As soon as the jeep she's in starts to speed up, she notices they pass the road to the camp and that something is wrong. Begging the unknown driver to stop, she panics and leaps out of the car twisting her ankle. Scared, she scrambles into the woods frightened and confused. That's when the killer appears out of nowhere and uses a large hunting knife and swipes by her. For a second we think she's okay when she lets go of her throat and we see it's been slit. Slowly blood gushes from the wound as she falls against the tree dead. Brutal, mostly after you find out who the killer was. By far one of the best deaths to launch an awesome series.

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! 

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