Friday, March 13, 2015

Top 13 men from Friday the 13th.

 Top 13 men from Friday the 13th.
Ah, whenever you think of the Friday the 13th films, you think of half naked girls running around with Jason chasing them. Well guess what? There are tons and I mean TONS of female fans who adore these films, and might have to disagree. In fact, here are the top 13 best looking men from the Friday the 13th films.

13) Linderman - Freddy Vs. Jason
- A nerd and screams like a girl. What else could you ask for?

12) Dr. Wimmer - Jason X
- Dr. Decker, enough said.

11) Steven - Jason Goes To Hell The Final Friday 
- Steven, you may have been a dead beat dad but in all fairness you had no idea you had a child. Faithful till the end, he would risk being pulled into Hell for you. Also John D LeMay "Swoon…"

10) Wayne - Part 8
- He'll video tape your rock shows as well as your teachers making out with you. Always handy to have around. 

9) Dr. Crews - Part 7
- #Silverfox

8) Tommy - Part 6
- Pretty boy with issues. Sorta a bad boy, drives a truck.

7) Tommy - Part 5
- Well fit, glasses, anger issues, is afraid of rubber spiders on strings.

6) Jimmy - Part 4
- Not a dead fuck, great dancer.

5) Doug - Part 4
- Total pretty boy, enjoys long showers, sleeping in the bottom bunk, and a lovely singing voice.

4) Rick - Part 3
- Those baby blue eyes just pop out at you.

3) Andy - Part 3
- Clearly flexible. 

2) Todd - Part 2
- Great with animals and one hell of a shot.

1) The whole damn male cast - Part 1
- Excuse me, I need a moment alone...

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