Sunday, March 29, 2015

"I still believe!" Mad Monster Party and Monsterpalooza

"I still believe!" Mad Monster Party and Monsterpalooza 

Ah, it's convention season. That magical time of year that truly only really happens twice during the fall and spring time. In the last month such shows as Monster Mania, and HorrorHound have been held. This weekend both Mad Monster Party and Monsterpaloza took place. Thanks to fellow friends attending both events, I got to see some of the awesome doings that went on.

First off, last post I made a mistake. I posted a killer Creepshow piece claiming it was seen at Mad Monster Party. Nope, this original piece was made for Monsterpaloza. Now I've never had the pleasure of attending one of these shows, but from what I heard it's a make up artist and mask collector's dream. Here artists from all over do demos, and show off their own original designs and makeup over the weekend. Along for the fun are Q&A's, as well as guests from different movies. I always love looking at photos posted on IG seeing all the killer things made. What really stood out to me this weekend was the fact some members of the Monster Squad attended this how. I've had the pleasure of meeting all of the kids as well as the monsters from this movie. Back in 2007 for my first Monster Mania I met all the kids and was completely star struck. The Monster Squad was a huge movie for me growing up and I even have Rudy tattooed on my leg. I hope some day I'll get the chance to meet these guys again! Well…everyone but the kid who played Patrick. Watching him do a drunken keg stand sorta ruined my life…

Another convention I've been dying to attend is Mad Monster Party. A few of my friends vend and attend this show and it seems as if they always have a blast. I mean the first hint of what a great time this show can be is the name of the convention. Mad Monster Party. With great guests, vendors, and original ideas for photo ops, it seems as if Mad Monster Party is always a great time whatever they have planned. I mean this weekend alone they had a Fright Night reunion, a Fright Night drinking game, and a KILLER photo op with the actor who played Evil Ed in his original makeup by Steve Johnson. (I would have died). They had breakfast and photo ops with Leatherface, AND the sax player himself from the Lost boys Tim Capello. The Lost Boys has been another huge movie I grew up watching and fucking die whenever that scene takes place (Corey Haim's face says it all.) Well fans from all over got to meet him and watch him perform I still believe. Long live 1987!

I can't wait to keep watching for more posts from each show. Until then, on a side note for those who watch The Walking Dead, I guess the final episode is playing tonight. I think I legit watched only a half an hour of one episode this season so I'm not caught up nor am I really a fan. Looks like I'll be waiting until it comes on Netflix!

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