Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Horror Challenge

 Horror Challenge


I'm legit half awake watching the end to Titanic, and I stumbled upon this pretty cool list of horror themed questions on IG, so here I am taking a stab at them. Would love to hear everyone's answers!

1) Favorite piece of memorabilia? - Hands down Zach Galligan's Waxwork II Lost In Time crew shirt. I won it in 2013 and still blown away it's a piece of my Waxwork collection.

2) Character you wish survived? - God, either Zach Galligan in Hatchet III or Sam Raimi in Intruder. Even tho the deaths were stunning as they splattered across the silver screen, I would have much rather seen them survive. 

3) Character you wish died? - This sounds awful, but the fact Dewey and Gail lived in Scream 4, I was speechless. Sure I've grown up watching these movies, and it's a hoot every time they come back for another one every few years…but really, have all 3 original cast members win? I adored Scream 4 but it sorta fell apart in the last ten minuets. I think a better ending would have had the film fade out as Jill is being carried out as the reporters are flashing the cameras asking what it's like to be a hero. Would have been SUCH a great ending seeing her get away with it.

4) Best plot twist? - Have to go with the ending to Sleepaway Camp. I was lucky enough to watch this on tape just before the internet and major spoilers ruined really much every movie. I knew nothing about the movie going in and my jaw dropped at the ending. Crazy and could never be done again.

5) Worst artwork? - I'm never one to bash an artist. NEVER but let's just say a certain Scream Factory release of a certain camp slasher…with some unhappy campers. Yeah…

6) Redo a film with drag queens - Se7en ha!

7) Movie everyone loves but you don't. - The Resident Evil

8) Movie you love but everyone hates? - Amityville 1992 it's about time (A classic!)

9) Stomach turning scene - Recently? God, in the remake of The Town That Dreaded Sundown a girl jumped outside a motel window and broke her leg with the bone coming out of her leg when she landed. I screamed like a little girl at that scene. Gross!

10) Fave thriller? - Manhunter. 

11) Favorite horror hottie? - Galligan dur…have you seen Waxwork?!

12) Scariest flick? - As dumb as this sounds The Blair Witch Project still bothers me after all these years. Just recently I watched It Follows and couldn't sleep without a light on afterwards. Movie was insane. 

13) Favorite final girl? - Stephanie from the original Stepfather. 

14) Best Tagline - "An all American family didn't want to kill…but they didn't want to die either." - The Hills Have Eyes and "From the director of Animal House brings you a different kind of animal." - An American Werewolf In London.

15) Favorite evil died? - Isaac from Children Of The Corn.

16) Favorite AHS character? - Sister Jude from season 2. Her speech of being finally able to see as a mad woman gives me chills every time I watch it.

17) Lamest film series? - God, hands down the Resident Evil series. Maybe if I played the video game there would be more love but shit, complete and utter shit.

18) Favorite cameo? - Zach Galligan in Hellraiser III Hell On Earth.

19) Film that needs to be remade? - Would love to see a movie like Spellbinder, The Nest, or even Pieces being remade by the right people.

20) Scariest non-horror - Not the whole movie, but we all remember the Large Marge scene from Pee Wee's Big Adventure. Mmm hummm. Also Return to Oz. Nightmares for days!

21) Best musical score? - Anything from Carpenter (Christine, The Fog, Halloween, ect.), Firestarter, and of course now It Follows.

22) Most unbelievable killer? - Debbie Salt aka Mrs. Loomis from Scream 2. Really people, that's who we picked to play that role?!

23) Favorite zombie character? - Flyboy Dawn Of The Dead.

24) Favorite possession flick? - After The Exorcist? Amityville II?

25) A "classic" you haven't seen? - I'm currently in the middle of watching Assault On Precinct 13. I'm blown away by how good it is and can't believe how long it's taken me to watch this since I'm such a huge Carpenter fan.

26) Favorite horror-comedy? - House, and The Monster Squad if that counts.

27) Favorite food/eating scene? - Those stunning supermarket kills from Intruder, all of which pretty much take place around food. #Raimihangingonmeathooks

28) First horror movie you saw in theaters? - I'm sure this isn't the first one but the one I clearly first remembering was watching Scream 2 back in 1997.

29) Favorite film from your grad year? - Grindhouse…beyond epic.

30) Favorite IG horror account? - Can't pick one, al many awesome artists, companies, friends, and collectors I follow!

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