Saturday, March 28, 2015

This week in horror...

 This week in horror…

As I sit here, legit wrapped with three different blankets, still under the weather, freezing, watching Lost, and clearly turning up on a Saturday night, I reflect on a few highlights this week in the world of horror. Or at least in my eyes.

1) Saw It Follows.

- I just first heard about this movie about a month or so ago. There was a retro, stunning poster that was curling the web, along with the message from as many horror fans as possible to go see it and support the film since it was an original film, and paid tribute to early 1980's thriller and horror films. Highly interested, I began to see ads for the film, and saw how many people supported the film, and loved it. Listening to the soundtrack, and watching the trailer, I decided to spend this shitty snowy/rainy afternoon with my friend Mike to go see it. I'm sure I'll write a full review for this movie A.S.A.P, but in short, all I have to say is I LOVED IT. I've seen a handful of decent horror films in the last couple of years, but it hasn't been since You're Next since I've really fully loved seeing a horror movie in theaters. At first I thought this was going to be a complete shit show since a row behind me a whole family including their little kids were sitting (Really? You bring little kids to this sort of movie?) they were loud as fuck during the trailers, and somehow by the grace of God somebody sushed them and they didn't say a single peep the whole time. I'll save my whole speech on what I think about little kids going to the movies, most of all seeing movies like this…but right before it started my friend Mike who was just as annoyed as I was leaned in and said "I hope this is super dirty, I hope you there's tons of nudity and sex, just to serve these parents right." Well low and behold, the movie delivered and I couldn't help but smile. Maybe that's a reason why they didn't say shit the rest of the movie. #sorryaboutit. Besides that, the movie was amazing. This gives me a small glimmer of hope for the future of horror. With a great killer opening, a smartly and unsettling written story, a stunning score, and visually beautiful, It Follows besides a sort mucky ending, had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I can't wait to download the entire soundtrack. Seriously, had such a ball seeing this. Can't wait to see what else this director has in store for us.

2) Rented Digging Up The Marrow.

- After watching It Follows, me and Mike decided to rent Digging Up The Marrow since it was yet another title we hadn't seen it. I'm a pretty big fan of director Adam Green (haven't seen his TV show, but LOVED the Hatchet series and Frozen.) I've met Adam before, and he seriously puts Eli Roth to shame (love you Bear Jew, but you need a slice of humble pie.) Adam is a kid at heart, and has made some really awesome stuff over the last few years. He just finished up his tour for this movie, and due to the shitty New England weather, I missed when it screened it in Boston. I did on the other hand two years back attend the Hatchet III screening and got to see what a nice and down to earth guy Green was. Well, my interest peeked as people began talking about Digging Up The Marrow. Some people loved it, other people hated it. I on the other hand, eh, I'm in-between. The movie was clever, had it's moments, and made me jump. I just feel maybe a little more monsters, and get rid of that ending, who knows. I know this was a work in progress for Green, but with maybe a slightly higher budget, and "dig" further into the whole storyline. Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself, and thought it was a pretty cool movie worth the price of renting it. Still sorta torn, might need to watch it again.

3) Got my Intruder shirt.

- It's a little well known fact I'm a bit of a fan of the 1989 slasher Intruder. I have Sam Raimi's character from this movie tattooed on me, and have a pretty impressive collection of stuff from the movie (magazines, laserdiscs, ext.) What can I say? I love me some Raimi. For YEARS, I have been bugging my friends at Fright Rags that they outta do a Intruder or Waxwork shirt. Well, this amazing kick ass company delivered the goods for the first part. The second I saw this killer design I knew I had to have one. Safe to say this is one of my new favorite shirts e-v-e-r. I'm just crazy about this T-shirt!

4) Amazing horror figures.

- Some "killer" artwork from ChopTillYouDrop hit Etsy. I'm a huge fan of making custom figures, and these based off some popular slashers from the 1980's really hit them way out of the park. Love the Sleepaway Camp one!

5) Mad Monster Party.

- Mad Monster Party is a convention I know someday I just need to attend. The entire time I follow events from the show it looks like a complete riot. With great guests, and awesome photo ops it somehow seems to get better and better each year. Well, this time around I've been following and somewhat dying over the fact there's going to be an Evil Ed photo op with Steve Johnson doing his original makeup (red string wig and all) on Stephen. My inner Fright Night fan girl is screaming.

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