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My Bloody Valentine - Supernatural

My Bloody Valentine - Supernatural 

Plot - Just before Valentine's Day, a young couple commit suicide by literary devouring each other after a romantic date. Sam and Dean cruise into town to investigate before they start to notice all isn't what it seems. A man eats himself to death by jamming cakes down his throat before his stomach bursts, Castiel is unable to stop eating, and people are overtaken by an unstoppable hunger, let it be for food, sex, or even demon blood. Thinking that maybe a cupid has gone crazy, they slowly figure out that this is the works of of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. 

Lowdown - It's February which is strangely one of my all time favorite months. Now mind you, I HATE the winter, and with these last few weeks I've been legit buried up to my neck in snow. Still, I just can't help but like this time of year with all of the red, pink, purple. and white decorations everywhere. Maybe it's because it strangly reminds me of my all time favorite slasher My Bloody Valentine. A film that is very near and dear to my heart since it was one of my mother's favorites. I down right adore the 1981 slasher, as well as the 2009 remake starring Jensen Ackles.

Which speaking of Jensen Ackles...

How about Supernatural? I've written and spoke before about how much I really loved the first five seasons of this show (before it got carried away and continued with a pretty pointless plot) I have since tuned in and out as the seasons have dragged on, but the first five (which there was only supposed to be) are by far one of my all time favorite TV shows. Tons of great memories watching this show back at school, as well as catching myself re-watching reruns from time to time. In season 5 (my favorite season) there was a holiday themed episode. Back in season 3 there was the famous Christmas special (another favorite of mine) but in season 5, when it was all nearing it's epic battle of good and evil, the Winchester boys tackled a new holiday...Valentine's Day.

I'm a huge fan of the "stand alone" episodes of the show. Back when it was more like a monster of the week type of show. This episode in season 5 did continue with the overall storyline of the apocalypse, but still felt like it's own little mini storyline dealing with cupids of all things, and yet another horsemen. This episode really did push the envelope as far as gore went (the opening always turns my stomach), and had some pretty down right unsettling details described (The man who used the broken stick to jam cakes down his throat until his stomach burst, the couple bitting chunks out of each other's flesh, ect). 

Famine was pretty laughable, but I did like the idea of him "eating" souls and causing the whole town to go nuts with their own type of hunger. The ending scene was always the best with him giving his ring to the boys, and of course Sam having to fight his never dying urge for Damon blood. With some pretty laughable moments (Cupid), and great effects, My Bloody Valentine (clever title seeing that Jensen was the lead in the remake), is one of the major highlights in by far the greatest season in the show. A must to watch around this time of year!

Stay tuned for more Valentine's Day/Romantic/Horror themed episodes!

4 stars!

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