Sunday, November 2, 2014

My October in a nut shell

 My October in a nut shell

This has been one busy month, as I sit here, surrounded my tissues from my head cold that appears to have lasted nearly three weeks, I decided to reflect on one of my all time favorite months. It's gone by pretty fast with my new job, but here are some of the high lights on how I tried getting into the spirit of things.

31 scenes of terror
For my silly little blog I decided to change things up a little bit for Halloween and do a count down on 31 of my personal favorite scenes from horror movies. Each day I posted about each scene (which, thinking about it, I didn't post the 31st day on here besides IG, mmmm who's counting?!) I also tried decorating my entire house and even like a huge child bought a giant pumpkin. At Wallmart no less. = No judgements.

Got a Peloquin tattoo! 
Believe it or not it's been two months since my last tattoo. This year I've been trying to knock out as many tattoos as possible. For October I decided to celebrate Scream Factory's re-release of Nightbreed in getting my favorite character tattooed on me by my artist Shane Murphy. I seriously can't even put into words how amazing this tattoo came out. By far one of my favorites. Oliver Parker in all his glory! Well worth the pain!

Saw Annabelle
What isn't October without seeing some scary movies. At home I tried knocking out as many movies as possible, but there was one I knew I wanted to see on the big screen. I enjoyed The Conjuring, (did I love it, eh no) but I liked it for what it was and really liked the idea of a prequel using the scariest element in the first movie. That being Annabelle. After getting my tattoo, Shane my artist gave me this stunning poster from the movie that goes perfectly with my Dead Silence poster. Well I went out to see Annabelle, and believe it or not really enjoyed it.

FINALLY got Nightbreed
It felt like a lifetime before FINALLY my SE director's cut of Nightbreed came in. I felt seriously like a kid on Christmas waiting for this thing to arrive. Nightbreed has always been a favorite of mine and the second I heard that the director's cut was finally getting released by my favorite company I freaked. Ordering it right away I waited and waited, and waited. It seemed as though every second I checked the tracking for this thing it was still a few days away. FINALLY it arrived and I freaked. This month seriously has been Nightbreed month and between watching Facebook blow up because of it, and my tattoo I was beyond psyched. Now I may get some hate on me, but as much as I enjoyed the director's cut, I will forever and always love the original version. Still, this was a dream come true to see Clive's vision brought to life and be able to spend a whole day watching the extras. "sigh..." I could live in Midian forever...

Excuse me as I scream.

Went to Rock & Shock
My very first convention was Rock & Shock. As much as my feelings on the show is mixed from year to year I still really enjoy it since it isn't never far. This year I met Linnea Quigley and the actress who played Shuna Sassi from Nightbreed. Besides seeing a bunch of my friends I also went a "little" crazy with my haul. I got some awesome prints from Shane, and got some bootlegs and magazines. YOLO

Dressed up as a Dream Warrior again.
At school I did a very half assed costume of Taryn from A Nightmare On Elm Street 3 (switch blades and all) this year I dressed as Philip and recreated his puppet death with some sickening jump ropes.

Got Oliver Parker's autograph
A guy from the UK was trying to raise money for his brother and had somehow by the grace of God tracked Mr. Oliver Parker down while he was on location shooting a movie. I think everyone knows what a huge fan I am of his and I pray sometime in the future he'll do a convention soon. Until then I  jumped at the chance to get this rare autograph. Sadly I was out bid by a dollar on Ebay so feeling bad for me the guy decided to give me the second autograph he had for a complete steal. I got it on Thursday and was floored by how perfect it was. Oh Oliver, you never looked more handsome!

Got weird at a Halloween party
My sister this year threw a pretty awesome Halloween party. I went as a dead gypsy or hipster for the ones in the know. Had a great time!

Bought my first mondo poster!
I love posters. No, I adore posters. I've always been interested in mondo posters, and finally saw one that really grabbed my attention. Being a huge Pet Sematary fan (got Church tattooed on me, and was lucky enough to go to the filming locations the month before) I found it fitting to buy this stunning poster on Halloween. Money well spent!

Of course it was a great month and holiday and look forward to next year. Now let's start talking Christmas! (...)

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