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Saw - 10 years later

 Saw - 10 years later

I first heard about Saw being re-released into theaters about a week or so ago. I first believed this event was only going to be during the week of Halloween. Between a head cold from Hell, and being uber busy with the upcoming holiday I knew sadly there was no time for me to make it to the movies and watch what I believe was one of the best horror movies ever made in this past decade. 

Saw believe it or not was a very important movie to me in high school. I still remember my best friend Mike telling me he heard about this new indie horror movie that was supposed to be the scariest film ever made that takes place all in one room. My curiously peaked and we went opening weekend. NEVER and I mean NEVER have I been so scared seeing a movie before. Now this was lightyears before all of the sequels and bullshit backstory on Jigsaw. This was back when there was just a creepy voice on a tape recorder, nothing more. I have said it and I will say it again, had Saw only been one movie (which it really could have been) I believe it would have gone down as one of the best thrillers since Seven. Now I saw every sequel besides the last one (part 7 I believe) when they came out. I somewhat enjoyed part 2 and 3 (the only other movies I own on DVD) and liked five. Besides that the sequels are total and complete shit, mostly part 4. Just yet another series that cashed in on the big bucks and the Halloween release date every year. Saw for my generation is what the Nightmare On Elm Street and Friday the 13th movies were. They took a pretty cool idea, and just killed it with movie after movie after movie. I only reason I sorta like part 2 and 3 is because the original writer came back for those. Besides that, eh, complete shit. Still, I was floored at the original film that came out when I was sixteen. I was a massive horror fan, so this type of movie was right up my alley. I still remember the gasps in the audience when...

spoiler alert...

A certain somebody rises from the floor.

I loved Saw so much I even traveled all the way to Cherry Hill NJ for my first Monster Mania in 2007 to meet Leigh Whannell (writer and actor of Saw) He was by far one of the nicest guys I've ever met and by far one of the best meetings/stories I have from a convention. I remember being an annoying teenager and even did photography and art projects based off this movie. I bought different versions of the original movie just for extras features. This truly was a favorite of mine.

It's hard to believe 10 years, ten whole years have passed. Now at the ripe old age of twenty-six I noticed that the movie was STILL playing at the movies. Having heard from different bloggers on how empty the theaters were, I decided to say fuck it. Today it was shitty and rainy so I decided to take in the afternoon showing just to say I saw one of my favorite films as a teenager ten years later. It's hard to capture magic in a bottle, and I just wanted a taste of how awesome it was seeing this great horror and thriller movie all these years later.

Well first thing is first, the place was empty. I mean dead empty. Was I surprised?


I've been to the movies before where there's one or two people, but this was the first time ever I was completely alone. And guess what? I fucking loved it. I was able to kick my feet up and take photos of the screen like a total asshole geeking out. What can I say? I felt like a girl of sixteen again. 

I have supported James' Wan's career ever since saw. I went and saw Dead Silence several times, Death Sentence on what I believe was my 19th birthday, saw both Insidious movies and loved them (mostly chapter 2) and The Conjuring. In fact last month I saw Annabelle and even tho James didn't direct it, I supported the film for taking place in the same universe. I knew if I missed this chance I would forever kick myself, so believe it or not being able to see an old time favorite of mine on the big screen. After hearing about how disappointing the box office results were, it's with a heavy heart I'm gonna have to guess that this may be the only time I would even have this chance. 

I loved seeing this film again, as much as the sequels are laughable and total gross bullshit, I still will and forever be a huge fan of the original and loved the memories of a much simpler time as a teenager that came flooding back as I watched the guy from The Princess Bride and Leigh stand in a bathroom bickering for two hours.

Complete and total magic.

I am very glad that I got to see this film again, and it still packed the same punch it did with me when I was sixteen.

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