Sunday, November 2, 2014

Day 31 of 31 scenes of terror (better late than never!) - The Midnight hour (1985)

Day 31 of 31 days of terror (better late than never!) - The Midnight hour (1985)

So, I may be a day or so late (recovering from the head cold from hell) but I decided the perfect way to end my 31 scenes of terror by writing about my all time favorite Halloween themed horror movie.

The Midnight Hour (1985)

I remember the good old days of there being two, count them two mom & pop private video stories right near my house and how as an award my mother would bring me all the time to rent movies. I feel this had a HUGE part of being the horror fan I am today. One night I believe my mother picked The Midnight Hour (1985) and I remember legit being floored with my sister on how much we loved this movie.

It tells the tale of a small New England town of Pitchford aka Pitchfork Cove where a group of teenagers decide to really make their school Halloween party special by stealing a bunch of old costumes from a local museum that once belonged to their ancestors. Well after stealing an old scroll, they go off to the local cemetery and read it out loud as a joke (because in so many other movies that's worked out well) That night the dead return to life and the entire town becomes overrun by vampires, zombies, werewolf's, ghosts, and ghouls. The group begins their party having no idea that the monsters have invited themselves and start to possess the teens one by one. It's up to adorable nerd Phil and a sweet 1950's girl Sandy who's returned from the grave to stop these monsters before it's too late.

Filled with a great cast and an even better soundtrack The Midnight Hour is the perfect feel good Halloween film for all ages. I still remember watching this twice when my mother rented it and how after the video store closed we hunted for it for years. Finally in 2010 I found a bootleg of the movie and a year later an original VHS copy that my friends Kirsty and Alex brought to Monster Mania to get signed for me by Phil himself! (I still and will forever have that voice mail he sent me) 

The scene in question has to be the best one of all time, paying tribute to the popular Thriller music video. Here the monsters and teenagers begin dancing to "Get Dead" by far the most catchy Halloween song ever.

Well happy 31 scenes of terror everyone. Got tons of ideas for next year so have a happy Halloween! 

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