Thursday, October 30, 2014

Day 30 of 31 scenes of terror - Halloween II (1981)

Day 30 of 31 scenes of terror - Halloween II (1981)

Nothing says being stuck in bed sick all day more than watching horror movies. Yep, surrounded by tissues, cough drops, and orange juice I decided to watch a few of my "holiday" favorites to pass this day of sickness.

I started my morning off around 5 (yep) watching the halloween episode of Friday the 13th the series. Then I moved onto Halloween 8 Resurrection (I don't wanna talk about it), then of course one of my personal favorites Halloween III and now into my favorite in the whole series Halloween II.

The Halloween series is near and dear to my heart since it was a favorite of my mothers. I have enjoyed all of these films, even the really bad ones. Still nothing beats the first four films and H20. Believe or not the original Halloween won't make the list of my 31 scenes of terror this year (spoiler alert!) I decided to pick off choices this year and instead of going with the original I decided to just pick my favorite from the series which is part II. No matter what you say, I still view this as a Carpenter film even tho he didn't direct. It's a great follow up to a classic, and uses a great trick I just love seeing in sequels with picking up exactly where the last one left off. In this film it does it flawlessly.

With the two main stars returning, Carpenter writing the screenplay, and of course a hyped up 80's version of the iconic theme, my all time favorite part of this entire movie has to be the opening. I know the Mr. Sandman playing as the camera pans down from the trees blowing in the night breeze right to the big shoot out we saw in the last film. 

The best of course if Loomis running down to the lawn only to find Michael gone and a perfectly shaped body imprint (gotta love that) and blood on the grass. It isn't long before a neighbor FINALLY comes out after all the gun fire and screaming. Loomis tells him to call the sheriff and to tell him that he shot him six times. The neighbor clearly confused asks if this is a joke since he was trick or treated to death tonight. Loomis stares at him and says the best line in the entire film. "You don't know what death is!" Before hauling ass and running away as the score blasts away. Gotta love the credits and of course the skull slowly coming out of the pumpkin. 

So Happy Halloween Eve, try to get in as many Halloween films as possible before it's too late!

Also did I buy the Scream Factory box set yet? No, trust me I'm tempted! I did just buy the SE director's cut of Nightbreed tho and those babies went for 80$ so I think it's safe to say I gotta cool my shit down for a while. But then again, one never knows. Muhahahahah!

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