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How Oliver Parker is responsible for the events in Hellraiser 1-3

 How Oliver Parker is responsible for the events in Hellraiser 1-3

Okay, so it's not because I have a serious girl crush on the man...okay yeah it is, but I noticed something very interesting after re-watching the first three Hellraiser movies. Or at least what I like to believe the trilogy and the only existing films in the series (still haven't seen all of them but from the ones that follow Hell On Earth...I'm better off.) Anywho, for those who don't know Oliver Parker is an actor and director who was school buddies with Clive Barker while growing up in England. Oliver Parker is best know for playing Peloquin in Nightbreed. Underneath all that makeup many wouldn't have any idea that Oliver had cameos in two other of Clive's works. Hellraiser, and Hellbound Hellraiser II both playing moving men.

So here's my theory. 

Oliver plays the moving man that helps move in the mattress in Larry and Julia's new house. Oliver plays the younger of the two moving men, the one with the thick eyebrows that asks for the beer. Well, if the scene where Julia goes upstairs and begins to remember when her affair with Frank started, the scene cuts back and forth between the flashback and Larry and the men trying to move the mattress up the stairs. 

In this scene Larry tells the men to push the mattress towards him which they do and Larry's hand ends up getting pushed up against and cut rather badly against an old rusty nail. When Larry stumbles into the attic room where Julia was, his blood drips on the floor causing the chain reaction of Frank being able to return from the dead. 

With Frank returning, he ends up killing Julia who dies on the very same mattress which causes Dr. Channard to take it to his home and bring Julia back from Hell to show him the other side. Well at the end of the film the doctor's house is getting sold along with all it's belongings inside. Here we find Mr. Parker again playing yet another moving man.

For some strange reason the bloody mattress was left behind laying in the middle of the empty office (guess the police didn't need it) and Oliver walks in and squats near it, he touches the blood (good move) and yells for the other worker to come and see. Before he can react a pair of skinless bloody arms reach forward and take hold around his neck. Pulling him down, it kills him and the other worker walks in and sees only his legs sticking out with the large soul pillar twirling around.

This pillar of course returns in part III causing Pinhead to return.

So...if you really think about it...had Oliver Parker not been those moving men...Hellraiser I, 2, and 3 wouldn't have happened.

Oliver as moving man + Pushing mattress up stairs = Larry's hand getting cut on nail.
Larry's blood + floor = Frank returning from Hell.
Frank returning from Hell + Killing Julia = Her dying on the mattress 
Bloody mattress + Julia returning = left over bloody mattress.
Bloody mattress + Oliver touching it = Souls pillar rising up.
Souls pillar = Events in part III.

Right? (...)

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