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Day 2 - 31 scenes of terror - Hellraiser III Hell On Earth (1993) - Boiler Room Club Massacre

Day 2 - 31 scenes of terror - Hellraiser III Hell On Earth (1993) - Boiler Room Club Massacre

Day 2 of 31 scenes of terror begins with a personal favorite and highly underrated sequel. This of course being Anthony Hickox's Hellraiser III Hell On Earth. I have spoken before for my love of the first three Hellraiser movies. Mind you I haven't really given the other sequels a chance, but in my eyes there was the original trilogy and the series ended right here. With the story being written by Tony Randel (director of part 2) and now Anthony Hickox sitting in the director's chair...this was a match made in Heaven...or should I say Hell?

Anthony Hickox is the man responsible for such classics as Waxwork, Warlock 2, and Waxwork II Lost In Time. The man was on a roll in the early 90's cranking out underrated sequels and ended believe it or not made a really well made film for this third chapter in the Hellraiser series. The scene I'm talking about is after Pinhead has finally gotten the chance the escape the pillar of souls and reek complete and utter chaos as he begins a bloodbath within the night club owned by asshole J.P Monroe. The club looks as if the early 90's and a metal band threw up inside. Hundreds of young men and woman stare puzzled as Pinhead stands at the head of the stairs and releases his chains, hooks, and other devices to collect souls. Within seconds chains and blades lash out of nowhere cutting people badly. A pool stick raises and goes flying right into a young guy's chest...a certain guy you may say looks familiar.

Yep Zach fucking Galligan.

Zach was best known of course from the Gremlins movies and playing Mark Loftmore in Hickox's two Waxwork movies. Having done a cameo for him in Warlock 2, Hickox threw Galligan into the massacre scene as a joke when Zach was visiting the set. In fact the story behind this is pretty funny and you and read it here when I had the pleasure of asking him about it.

Within seconds the place literately goes to Hell and panic sets in as everyone starts screaming, pushing, shoving, and running trying to escape. A girl's ice in her drink transforms into Pinhead then turns into a large rocky spike and rams into her mouth, men and woman get barbed wire wrapped around them, flesh is torn from faces, and even CDs go flying like razors. With the doors locked, everyone runs around trapped as blood slowly flows underneath the exit door.

Our lead Joey, a news reporter later on enters the club and sees the hundreds of dead torn apart corpses left behind.

Scary stuff if you think about all those night clubs before burning down and how once panic sets in everyone gets trapped inside. Mind you Pinhead is a completely different matter, but body wants to screw with that!

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