Friday, October 3, 2014

Day 3 - 31 scenes of terror - Deadly Friend (1986)

Day 3 - 31 scenes of terror - Deadly Friend (1986)

Tonight's choice for the third day in 31 scenes of terror comes from Wes Craven's highly underrated 80's film Deadly Friend. After the wild success of A Nightmare On Elm Street, Craven was given the task in directing his next horror film after the made for TV movie Chiller and Swamp Thing. Trying to create his next monster, it came in the form of Samantha or should I say Bee Bee. Taking the works of the Diana Henstell's novel and making it a little more appealing for audiences, Wes changed the fact that the main character's went children but teenagers, and seemed to tone out the body count and way of deaths. Was this a good thing? Eh, maybe. The only main thing I wished they kept was how Samantha begins to rot. The way she's described in the novel is down right terrifying. Still, despite the film's very cheesy flaws I do count it as one of my biggest guilty pleasures. 

This was a film that was always on repeat my last semester at school. A movie that I used to fall asleep to, and couldn't help but get a good laugh at while watching while drinking with friends. 

The scene for day 3 is when Samantha first returns after her friend Paul brings her back to life and she sneaks out of the storage shed and returns to her home where her abusive father is sleeping on the couch. The same father who caused her death just days ago by pushing her down the stairs. Samantha's father awakes in what's best described as the worst beer sweats of all time, only to go downstairs to the basement when he sees smoke coming from the vents. Once downstairs his dead teenage daughter slowly walks out from behind the stairs, lifting her hands in pinchers just like Bee Bee the robot who's micro chip was implanted in her brain. In this scene Sam's father is backed against a wall in total disbelief as Sam slowly lifts him up with super human strength and snaps his neck.

Talk about revenge gone wrong!

After this scene Sam does one better and throws her father into the furnace head first. 

To check out the scene I'm talking about go pop in Deadly Friend and don't forget the blue eye shadow! 

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