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Day 4 - 31 scenes of terror - Nightbreed (1990)

Day 4 - 31 scenes of terror - Nightbreed (1990)

"You're a natural which're meat...for the beast."

Day 4 of 31 scenes of terror couldn't have come at a more perfect time. October of this year is truly the month for Nightbreed. At the end of the month Shout Factory is releasing the SE and uncut edition of the film, restored and uncut. (I like a complete a total asshole bought the 80 dollar edition one, which from what I'm hearing is well worth it!) Fright Rags is releasing four awesome Nightbreed themed shirts (one of which I think I'll be getting as a hoodie), then Waxwork records is releasing in the near future the soundtrack! Well with all these new posters, artwork, and talk...Nightbreed certainly seems to be in the air. So today I traveled to see Shane  my tattoo artist. I met Shane a few years back through a friend of mine when I began getting my horror leggings. Shane so far as done Church from Pet Sematary, Sam Raimi from Intruder, Zach Galligan from Tales From The Crypt, and a truly stunning Twin Peaks piece. Well my goal is to have my legs completely covered, and the only person I trust is Shane who always has my best interest at hand with what works and what doesn't work. His talent is insane, and we're always brain storming on what's next tattoo wise for me. I have several bigger ideas floating around my head at the moment, but after my Twin Peaks one on the back of my calf this past July, I knew I had maybe one more tattoo in me until after winter since the last one hurt so bad I seriously felt as if I passed away and melted onto the floor. So I decided to finally get my Peloquin tattoo in honor of Nightbreed's newest re-release. Well today despite the annoying pain, and falling asleep on the table, Shane yet again knocked my latest tattoo out of the park. On the back of my left leg he made my favorite Midian monster come to life. Oliver Parker would be proud, seriously can't stop looking at this!

Anywho, in honor of Nightbreed's re-release and my tattoo I decided that the 4th scene of terror comes from Clive Barker's underrated follow up to Hellraiser. 

Nightbreed tells the tale of Aaron Boone, a young man plagued by nightmares of strange creatures and monsters of the night who live in a cemetery called Midian. 

The scene I'm talking about is after Boone arrived in the dark cemetery after discovering that his doctor had been lying and trying to frame him in the murder of fifteen people, Arron meets two creatures that are nightbreed. Held with a knife to his throat, he meets Peloquin, by far the coolest creature from the entire movie. Stealing every scene he's in, he walks in as a moon faced creature holds Boone back. Peoquin (played by Oliver Parker) makes Boone discover that he is innocent, and since he isn't one of them he's a natural...which means...he's meat...for the beast!

This is by far one of the best scenes in the entire movie. Anytime Peloquin is on screen he steals the show, and this is one of the most iconic moments in the whole film as Peloquin lets Boone know that Midian is where the monsters live, and that he came to die. You'll never have a sexual awaking more than when you see Peloquin press his hands against Boone and then say "I can smell innocents at fifty yards..." and then smell his fingers. With killer makeup by Bob Keen, he transforms Parker into one of the most bizzar and terrerfying monsters ever captured on screen. I love when he drops his coat and his eyes flash and glimmer and he delivers his line "You're a natural, which're meat...for the beast!" and transforms before chasing and attacking Boone.

What makes me laugh is today while I was getting my tattoo Shane mentioned that believe it or not besides that one scene before he transforms, Peloquin doesn't look that scary. In fact he sorta looks like a strange alien and it isn't until he speaks that you see how down right terrifying he is. Well funny enough thing, most of the monsters in Midian were dubbed over. When Peloquin speaks, that really isn't Oliver Parker talking who has a much higher pitch voice with a British accent. In fact the same voice over actor who voiced Darkness in Legend did Peloquin's voice in this film.

The more you know!

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