Sunday, October 5, 2014

Day 5 - 31 scenes of terror - Firestarter (1984) "Burn it all down."

Day 5 - 31 scenes of terror - Firestarter (1984) "Burn it all down."

Today's scene of terror comes from one of my top five favorite Stephen King films of all time. Firestarter.

Firestarter is a funny film for me. I'm a massive Stephen King fan, but believe it or not I like the film version of this story over the novel I read about five years ago. I feel a huge reason behind this is the stunning score by Tangerine Dream. 

The scene I'm talking about is after Rainbird reveals himself in the barn and shoots Charlie's father Andrew and Cap. Hollister. Charlie turns, finally meeting Rainbird eye to eye who's fallen after Andrew "pushed" him to fall and as he raises his pistol he kill her, trying to capture her power by watching her life be taken out within her eyes, Charlie stops the bullet mid air and blows it up, causing a massive explosion to hit Rainbird in the face and send his burning body up against the barn wall as he screams that he loves her.

The fire begins to burn and Charlie goes to her father who's dying. He tells her to "Burn it all down." To make sure this could never happen again and to teach these people that this is a war. He tells her she has to make it and to kill anyone she has to. With that Charlie uses her power and says a very tearful goodbye to her father as the barn continues to burn and safety horns are sounding off outside. Standing she burns the locks off the stables so all the horses can escape. As the government guards surround the barn with weapons ready, Charlie walks out and releases such a rage of revenge it even gives Carrie White a run for her money.

In a brilliant showdown Charlie deflects bullets like one of the X-men and begins sending massive fire balls out at everyone who's trying to escape. Within minuets the entire complex is destroyed with buildings burning. Charlie stands there crying saying "For you daddy...for you."

A powerful scene made even more memorable by the amazing Tangerine Dream soundtrack.

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