Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 scenes of terror - Day 1 - Opening of Psycho II (1983)

 31 days of terror!

I'll be the first to admit, I've sadly haven't been posting in my blog as much as I've wanted to as the summer came towards a close. I do have a good excuse, I did just start a pretty awesome new job, and been working a lot on my effects shop, so now that today is the first of October, I decided to revamp my 31 days of terror that I did last year. Instead of doing 31 reviews based off horror movies for each day this month I've decided to do a brand thing for this year. For this entire month I'll be posting 31 different scenes from different horror movies and why they stand out to me. Today I decided to start off with a classic...

The opening of Psycho II (1983)
(skip to second opening, this video has all four!)

It took nearly 23 years before finally a sequel to Alfred Hitchcock's classic was made. Universal in the 1980's would do anything to make a buck so they searched around to see what classics they could make sequels out of. A few years later they did this with Phantasm II. With Richard Franklin in the director's chair and Tom Holland, a new up and coming screenwriter. With Hitchcock's blessing the film was made bringing back Anthony Perkins, and introducing a young and very lovely Meg Tilly. The film told the story of Norman Bates, finally released from the mental hospital after proven he was insane when the murders took place nearly two decades ago. Lila Loomis, one of the victims' sisters who is completely against Norman's release and will do anything within her power to stop him and drive him crazy again. Returning to his home, Norman begins working at a small diner down the highway where he meets young and mysterious Mary who he allows to come stay with him while he starts trying to fix the motel up again. It isn't long before Norman starts to receive strange phone calls and notes...all from a woman claiming to be his mother.

This scene in particular has always stood out for me since it starts the film off with a bang. Opening with the first film's most iconic scene, it slowly pans up to the classic house looming over the hill in the black and white darkness after the shower murder has taken place. It's there we hear Norman yell from inside "Mother! Blood! Blood!" It's there the haunting score begins as slowly the sun rises and sets over the house recapping the lost 23 years over the credits. By far one of the most beautiful openings ever seen in a horror film before.

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