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Pet Sematary - A weekend to remember!

Pet Sematary - A weekend to remember!

Long ago, back in 2011 or so I attended HorrorHound weekend way over in Ohio back when they had their shows in November. I'll be the first to admit, I was three sheets to the wind half of the weekend and as always had a blast. While trying not to guard any of the Walking Dead people, I ran into two guys who commented on my SE Fright Rags Pet Sematary T-shirt. Low and behold I met John and Justin, who guys who were from the same Boston area I grew around, and were in the middle of shooting a documentary on the making of the 1989 Stephen King classic Pet Sematary. Being a huge king and Sematary fan, I started gushing to them about how a huge draw in making the insane drive out to this show to staff it was to meet the cast from the movie. We talked for a bit and they shot me showing off my T-shirt and flashing gang signs like a total asshole.

Flash forward nearly three years and I've fully supported the making of Unearth & Untold the documentary John and Justin and put their hearts and souls into making. I've tried my hardest spreading the word on this movie, and couldn't wait to see the final result.

Pet Sematary after Cujo and Needful Things is my favorite King novel. For some strange unknown reason I re-read this book every single year and could pretty much recite it by heart. I have many memories watching this movie over and over again. In fact I believe it was one of the first VHS tapes I owned. This was a book even my mother who was one of the biggest King fan's I knew seemed scared by. The movie was one of the better adaptions, and was made in the last year of a decade filled with horror. With the perfect cast, moments, music, and of course ending scene this was a classic that I have watched over and over again. In fact it's one of the main reasons I made so many friends up at school since this was one of the first movies we all watched while being snowed in.

Well after a Church tattoo, many re-reads, and viewings, I have been dying to see all of John and Justin's hard work paid off.

Lucky for me John invited me and my friends Tara and Jeanette to spend the weekend up in the very same town of Ellsworth Maine (about five hours away from me)

After having to bail out last second on HorrorHound I knew this weekend was a must. Even though I was running on zero sleep, me and the girls rode up there and had the time of our life's. The documentary was finally premiering along with the actual film.

The cabin we stayed at was owned by this super nice guy named Jack who rented out this very cabin to Dale Midkiff who stayed here while filming. (The stories I heard were amazing and had me dying laughing.) Jack was beyond kind and by far the greatest host I've ever had the pleasure of staying with. A million thanks Jack.

John took us around to a few of the filming locations which were completely breath taking and I can't even explain the feeling I had when I drove down the road and saw the Creed house in the distance. This movie was a huge part of my life growing up and being able to stand in the rode where Gage gets killed, or in the driveway looking what where Jud's house was supposed to be had me smiling ear to ear.

Thank you John, I don't think I've geeked out this bad in years.

We were able to see the movie on the big screen (which shocking enough I've noticed a few things I've never seen before.) and finally got to see the documentary. I'm a huge film nut, and without even taking a second hands down this was the best documentary I've seen in years. Without giving anything really away, this is THE king documentary you need to see. I learned so many things about the film I never thought I would ever know. It's showing again in Boston next month which hopefully I'll be there rooting my guys on. Truly a magically King themed weekend thanks to friends. I urge anyone to check out that area of Maine and of course see the documentary. Without a shade of a doubt this is the ultimate when it comes to one of the greatest King's classics of all time!

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