Friday, October 17, 2014

Day 17 - Trilogy Of Terror II (1996)

Day 17 - Trilogy Of Terror II (1996)

Well I just got in from a birthday party so this post is supposed to be for the 17th day of 31 days of terror but it's been posted after midnight so it lands on the 18th, This scene comes from a fun little gem from the mid 1990's.

Trilogy Of Terror II

This was the follow up made for TV sequel to Dan Curtis' Trilogy Of Terror which starred the late Karen Black. With a new actress, Dan Curtis made 3 new stories of terror which believe it or not are all really good. The last story is a direct sequel to that crazy killer wooden doll that gave me many nightmares as a child, the other story a remake of "Bobby" a story told in another Curtis 70's movie Dead Of Night. The first of course being the one to feature the 17th scene of terror which features the scariest rats since Graveyard Shift. 

The story is like an old Hitchcock tale which lands the two leads looking for the key element which will unlock an account of undisclosed money after the murder of a wealthy business man. Finding themselves at his grave at night they ignore the warnings of the grounds keeper who tell them about how the old part of the graveyard is infested with giant rats that have a strong hunger for flesh. Well one thing leads to another at an epic scene of a young woman climbing into her late husband's empty grave and through the tunnels underground only to be surrounded by giant man eating rats.

Let's just say...things don't end well.

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