Thursday, October 16, 2014

Day 16 - 31 scenes of terror (1987)

Day 16 - 31 scenes of terror (1987)

The 16th scene of terror comes from one of my new personal favorites. A highly underrated gem of the 1980's just like so many other films on the 31 day list. This was a film I had always seen the VHS cover artwork for but never thought twice about. Finally last spring I bought it as a bootleg and seriously was speechless. Not only did this film have a great story, soundtrack, and awesome practical effects. It also held my interest and is a movie I would urge almost anyone to check out.

The scene in question is towards the very end right when everything begins going bat shit crazy. It seems Anthony has woken up and isn't happy. The group of scientist trapped in the beach house during a stormy night are trying to understand what exactly is going on when suddenly something happens that's so out of left field it's a huge reason why I love this movie so much.

A mysterious character finally reveals why she can't ever sleep, or the reason why she feels so cold, and enjoys early morning swims. It seems working as a scientist she came into contact with the deadly gene that pretty much turns your DNA into a fish. Before everyone's eyes she transforms into a fish lady, gills and all. Legit a total WTF moment in the film but due to the awesome effects makes the all ready amazing movie even better.

It was like pressing my lips against a chilled shrimp. 

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