Monday, October 13, 2014

Day 13 - Phantasm (1979)

Day 13 - Phantasm (1979)

There are tons, and I mean TONS of scenes from Phantasm that are very memorable. The sphere death, the showdown, Mike's nightmare, the car chase, the kidnapping, and yes of course the ending. I'm sure they may be another Phantasm sequel that might pop up again in the remainder of the 31 days, but today I decided to pin point a very creepy scene. This scene in particular always reminds me of Stephen King's novel IT. In the book there's a young boy character also by the name of Mike who's at a parade performing on a float with his school. While riding around he happens to see Pennywise the clown and explains to the other fellow "losers" of his club how terrified he was. 

This scene, mostly made by the look of pure terror on A. Michael Baldwin's face along with the epic score totally captures the look and feel that this film has. I love the echoing footsteps of The Tall Man as he walks cross the street and how Michael turns and is frozen with fear as he stands feeling the cool air of the ice cream truck and grins.

Spooky for sure.

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