Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Day 14 - 31 scenes of terror - Eden Lake (2008)

Day 14 - 31 scenes of terror - Eden Lake (2008)
Want a nice bleak, depressing, and unsettling film? Well Eden Lake is right up your alley! I bought Eden Lake back in 2009 after I finished Inglorious Bastards and happened upon the pure perfection otherwise known as Michael Fassbender. Well besides the eye candy I couldn't seem to really get into this movie and it sat on my movie shelf up until this summer.

After getting Fassbender fever again (the man is seriously in every good movie made in the last few years.) Well I finally got through the entire movie and man, I felt like I needed a bath. maybe it's the UK way of filmmaking but this was one depressing ass movie. It was bleak, ugly, and didn't have the ending I expected. In fact as sad as this sounds Fassbender is really the only real reason to watch.

The most brutal scene in the movie after a long slow burn of tension caused by a group of asshole kids is after they kidnap poor Fassbender after a terrible accident. They chain and tie him up as his girlfriend watches helplessly in the woods. There the gang surrounds Fassbender cutting him with knifes as he begs for his life. The worst is when they get the youngest of the bang to shove a box cutter straight in his mouth, twisting it around.


The scenes afterwards with Fassbender are down right heartbreaking. This scene really makes you wish he had his powers from X-Men. Magneto would have kicked those little shits asses in.

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