Sunday, August 3, 2014

Top ten best male horror heroes

Top ten best male horror heroes 

Horror is best known for having strong beautiful scream queens. These big breasted ladies, becoming the final girl and standing up to the masked killer. Women heroes have become somewhat of a staple in horror today, but let us not forget the male heroes. The handsome leading men who actually have a good head on their shoulders and stand up to the killer instead of screaming and running the other way. Here is my list for the top ten male horror heroes of all time!

1) Charley Brewster - Fright Night and Fright Night II

2) Jonathan Parker - Shocker

3) Mark Lofmore - Waxwork and Waxwork II: Lost In Time

4) Ash Williams - Evil Dead, Dead By Dawn, Evil Dead II, and Army Of Darkness.

5) Paul - Cabin Fever

6) Dennis Guilder - Christine

7) Chris Romero - Night Of The Creeps 

8) Aaron Boone - Nightbreed

9) David Kessler - An American Werewolf In London

10) Tommy Jarvis - Friday the 13th The Final Chapter, A New Beginning, and Jason Lives.

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