Friday, August 1, 2014

Firestarter on vinyl and Ghoulies II on laserdisc! - Mail call realness!

 Firestarter on vinyl and Ghoulies II on laserdisc! - Mail call realness!
Who doesn't love getting packages in the mail? Hey I think I would be excited even if I received Gwyneth Paltrow's head as long as it came in a box. What can I say, I love getting and giving care packages! Anywho, I decided to check out a few buys one night feeling a little frisky with my debit card. Ever since last month when I got my record player, I've been looking around for some pretty sweet soundtracks on vinyl. One of my all time favorite scores has to be Tangerine Dream's Firestarter. I have lots of favorite themes such as Phantasm, Christine, even The Kindred, but something about the music featured in Firestarter truly made the movie for me.

This is one of the rare cases where the movie was actually much better than Stephen King's book. I had lots of great memories watching this movie growing up and always loved the music featured in this movie. It was simply beautiful. Tangerine Dream back in the 80's were behind tons of great scores (Risky Business, Legend, and Near Dark) but Firestarter in my eyes was their strongest use of music. The score Charlie The Kid is a favorite of mine and I used to always play it on Youtube whenever I was sculpting. Lucky for me I found this used record of the score on vinyl for under twenty dollars and decided to say what the hell and buy it and add it to my collection. When I got it yesterday I wasn't surprised to see the cover was a little worn, and in two small places on the record it was scratched so it skips for a few seconds but for a used original soundtrack from 1984, I'm pretty happy with this buy. In fact last night I was sitting back listening to it play and couldn't have been any happier!

Today my second package arrived and at first I thought it was going to be my Chopping Mall soundtrack finally arriving (wishful thinking but not yet) It was very pleased to see it was the Ghoulies II laserdisc I won on ebay after I talked the seller down to a very fair price. I've been collecting laserdiscs since 2011 and honesty they are sorta taking over my love of tape hunting. Now I've never owned a laser disc player, I've never seen one play, and the only reason I think they seem cool is the fact they are so much bigger than DVD's/tapes and much cooler to have signed than a poster. I have a pretty good collection so far (Intruder, Fright Night, Amityville 1992, Waxwork, Gremlins 2, Dangerously Close, Christine, ext) just to name a few! I love to display these babies! Well as everyone knows I adore Ghoulies II and been trying to buy a few odds and ends to make a collection out of. My friend Johnny picked me up the VHS copy of this, I have the double feature DVD, and dream of the day I can find that blow up shitter with both ghoulies crawling out. (hey a girl can dream right?!) Well now I have this gorgeous awesome laser disc which is in wonderful condition. My dream is to find some of the cast and have them sign it one day. (Damon Martin where are you?!) 

Stay tuned for some more epic mail calls coming up!

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