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Nightbreed SE buy or not to buy?

Nightbreed SE buy or not to buy?

I'm sure there's a good handful of people who are scratching their heads right now. Friends of people who have glanced over this blog and have never really heard me talk about this movie even though it's in my top fifteen favorite horror films of all time. A movie I'm sure I maybe have mentioned once or twice in past reviews and really haven't covered it much more than that. A movie that I barley talk about, yet down right adore. This is a movie that by far is one if the most underrated and greatest films to come from the early 1990's. A movie that was very head of it's time, and is finally after all these years getting the respect it deserves.

This movie is of course Nightbreed.

Like I've said, Nightbreed has been a favorite of mine ever since I remember, like so many other movies seeing it's VHS cover at the video store. Right away it grabbed my attention and caught my eye at Boone standing with all the demons and monsters of Midian looking like some sort of twisted rock group. I have always been a huge Clive Barker fan, and in my eyes Nightbreed was by far his greatest piece of work. In fact I feel it's a downright tragedy over most of the movie ending on the cutting room floor, and the fact it bombed at the box office. I think audiences at the time weren't ready for the type of movie Barker created for them and that finally after all these years it's gained the cult classic respect it deserves. Barker's entire film career downright in general pisses me off. Here we had this hungry and very talented young man who's work/stories/and visions only got better in time. Unfortunately for him, his work was always compared and often overshadowed by his freshmen effort Hellraiser and it's famous demon Pinhead. I mean come on people, this is the guy behind Candyman, Lord Of Illusions, and yes Nightbreed and somehow nothing could measure up to Hellraiser. Total and utter bullshit.

Sadly in Hollywood after striking out twice with box officer failures like Nightbreed and Lord Of Illusions, Barker had enough and decided to focus on other outlets to express himself in the world of art. I feel Hollywood honestly didn't know the loss that had just taken, and thankfully in the horror and art community we see Barker for the visionary that he honestly was. I remember getting Nightbreed on that bare bones DVD that was released forever ago and how my mother explained that I would like it a lot. She was wrong...I ended up loving it. Soon after I became a massive Lord Of Illusions fan, but never forgot that Barker's strongest work laid with Nightbreed. A tale so ahead of it's time, so haunting, and so beautiful I think Barker was responsible for making one of the few truly awesome and stunning gems in horror and fantasy at that time.

The story does deeper than most horror movies. What happens after death? Who is God? Should we reproduce and add to the filth of the world? Where and what is fate? And best of all...who are the true monsters? Like the character of Rachel says, humans have dreams of turning into smoke, transforming, to fly...all things they dream and think about wanting to do. Barker does something he's only briefly touched on before...turning the tables, making you wonder who are really the bad guys. Humans get scared, they don't understand...and what they don't understand they destroy. This movie couldn't show a better example of how truly ugly the human race is. I feel so horrible at the scene when they drag poor Ohnana out into the sunlight. The Danny Elfman's score in this is truly haunting and touching at the same time. It makes you feel empathy towards these creatures that in a few brief scenes seem to just be minding their own business, living down below in their own little world, and seem to be part of some big twisted family. The big showdown at the end is by far the best part. Goes to show you can be as normal as anyone else, but be truly an ugly monster on the inside. Heavy stuff.

 It opens a whole new world of monsters, killers, and demons. Barker honestly has one of the greatest imaginations, thinking up this stuff. His ideas were original and honestly living and breathing works of art brought onto screen. I mean these monsters! I have never been so blown away by makeup and practical effects before. The underground world of Midian is like some twisted Tim Burton movie or a more adult version of the under the bed world from Little Monsters. When the character of Lori stumbles around down there I feel it's the best part of the movie. We only get a few glimpses of some of the monsters and creatures Barker made, and I really do hope in the uncut version we get to see much more. From the new images I have seen, some of the best makeups and mind blowing effects ended up getting cut out of the final film. What a waste!

Speaking of monsters, how about David Cronenberg?! Not only can this man direct, but he has some pretty killer acting chops to boot! This man himself is one hell of a director, so the fact him and Barker teamed up doesn't surprise me at all. I love that they got him to play Decker who is by far one of the most underrated and best villains ever! His calm delivery, that awesome creepy button/sack mask, and of course the ending (which in my eyes is one of the best endings to a horror movie ever and begged for a sequel) Decker is a villain I wish was talked about more! Back at school I even sculpted him as my movie monster figure, and would love to re-do it. This guy is amazing! He really needs to start doing conventions. HorrorHound I'm talking to you!

Craig Sheffer as Boone does a great job as the lead. In fact a few years back me and my sister plowed through nine seasons of One Tree Hill and every time Craig appeared on screen I would point out to my sister that a lobster monster bit him and he turned into a demon. Somehow no matter how many times I said this we would crack up. Oh beer, you make the dumbest things funny. From what I heard Craig is awesome to meet at conventions, and is somebody I would love to see in person. Come on Nightbreed reunions! Anne Bobby I thought was a great female lead and love, I just love her face! Hugh Ross as Narcisse had some amazing makeup on. I'm sure we've all seen that makeup just done again this year and still looks amazing as ever. His character overacts a lot but I loved his scene in the beginning with Boone as he's pressed up against the window calling to the monsters. Which as for monsters, I think Oliver Parker as Peloquin and Christine McCorkindale as Shuna Sassi featured the best onscreen transformations I've ever seen in a movie before. I was floored over Parker's role of Peloquin, one of the more popular creatures of Midian. His makeup was amazing! In fact I was floored over the fact he played the moving guy from Hellraiser that asks for the beer. Goes to show you how awesome makeup is! HorrorHound needs to book him for a show so I can attempt to hit on him. Hey, what can I say...I love busy eyebrows. As for the makeup of Shuna Sassi, this yet again reminds me of what a mastermind Barker was at making these monsters and creatures come to life. I love the opening of all the monsters running to the front gates and Ms. Sassi front row in center!

Like I said, Nightbreed holds a very special place in my heart. It's a movie I don't often talk about, but have loved for many years. In fact after re-watching it a few weekends ago I was reminded on how much I truly adored this movie and loved how amazing it's story, filming, and makeup was. In fact I made a few friends simply because of our shared love from this movie. This is a film I would love to get some of the creatures tattooed on me (mainly Decker and Peloquin.) A movie I could talk about for years to come, and recommend to as many people as possible who haven't seen it. Nightbreed is a classic and finally has gotten it's chance to shine.

Now as for the SE blu-ray...

I've been slowly starting to look into collecting the comics/making of books since the makeup and creatures of this movie are one of the main things that drew me to it. I was floored over the fact they were finally planning on re-releasing the never before seen uncut version of this movie that almost clocks at 3 hours. The full vision Barker intended that has most of it's best creatures and effects in. Now Scream Factory (the best company to release such a huge title) is working hard on releasing two titles, both SE edition, but one is limited edition.

For the first time on home video, you can experience Clive Barker’s original director’s cut of Nightbreed with over 40 minutes of new footage, all mastered in high definition from the original camera negative!

This Limited Edition, 3-Disc Set includes the theatrical cut, on Blu-Ray for the first time, and a bonus disc of additional extras (see below)!

Boone (Craig Sheffer) may be a troubled young man, but his troubles are just beginning. Set up as the fall guy in a string of slasher murders, he decides he'll hide by crossing the threshold that separates “us” from “them” and sneak into the forbidden subterranean realm of Midian. Boone will live among the monsters.
Hellraiser creator Clive Barker writes (adapting his novel Cabal) and directs this vivid leap into horror that asks: in the battle of man vs. monster, who's really the monster? The answer supplies flesh-crawling suspense, sudden fear, a colorful Danny Elfman score and a creepy array of shape-shifting beings. They are the Nightbreed, denizens of a world beyond death, beyond the imagination, perhaps beyond anything you've seen.

- Only 10,000 numbered sets produced (first 1,000 numbered available from
- Disc 1: Unrated Director’s Cut of the film on Blu-ray
- Disc 2: The 1990 R-Rated theatrical version of the film on Blu-ray (through a special licensing agreement through Warner Bros.)
- Disc 3: EXCLUSIVE-TO-THIS-SET Bonus Blu-ray disc packed with extras (details forthcoming)
- Includes Collector’s Book with an essay and rare photos
- Slipcase includes newly designed artwork by Joel Robinson and approved by Clive Barker

Hummm....nearly 80 $ for one movie? Worth it?

I've paid twice as much for box sets, and I really am a huge fan...I'm just wondering if it will be worth it. I guess after the special features are released we'll know for sure. The one thing I ask for is behind the scenes footage of the actors in the makeup getting it applied. I really would have loved to see a lot of the behind the scenes stuff dealing with the heavy makeup and creature design.


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