Saturday, August 9, 2014

My Dangerously Close collection!

 My Dangerously Close collection!
I am a fan of many movies. Some I downright adore and seem border line obsessed with. These are certain movies that either hold great memories for me, or have a high re-watch value and are near and dear to my heart. Only several that I see as sort of a hobby in collecting anything I can that has to do with them. There's Waxwork, Christine, Radioactive Dreams, and of course the 1986 teen thriller...

Dangerously Close.

Dangerously Close is the follow up film from director Albert Pyun who the pervious year directed the off beat cult classic Radioactive Dreams. Dangerously Close featured an all star cast, killer soundtrack, and clever ending twist. This film told the tale of an elite squad of wealthy teenagers who weed out the "trouble makers" in their high school. It isn't until a middle class boy with a promising future befriends the leader of the squad when he begins to notice things aren't exactly as they seem. Kids are turning up missing, and what seemed like a harmless way to protect the school, turns into a deadly game for life and death.

Cheesy, over the top, and awesome. These are all elements of Dangerously Close. Another killer underrated 80's gem with John Stockwell, this movie is a guilty pleasure of mine just as Radioactive Dreams is. Over the years I've begun a small little collection based off this very truly awesome thriller.

Here are some pieces of my collection...

My original 1986 Dangerously Close full sized poster. This baby I won on ebay and downright adore. It's a hobby of mine collecting Radioactive Dreams posters (I have 3 and just need one more to complete my collection) This poster on the other hand is one of my favorites and hangs in my den. I love the over the top uber 80's airbrushed artwork, along with the soundtrack listed.

Speaking of soundtrack, here it is on cassette! Another awesome find through Facebook when I bought this from a fellow Dangerously Close fan who was selling this and the Body Bags soundtrack. 

I just started my record collection just a few years ago. Dangerously Close is best known for it's killer soundtrack and here it is on vinyl!

My killer VHS copy I got after digging through a barn packed full of thousands of tapes. This baby is in mint condition, and a favorite in my collection. 

And last but not least the ever so awesome DVD copy of Dangerously Close from VHSPS. I was a total pain in the ass with these guys to get it released, and clearly from this photo it shows my excitement over getting it. 

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