Saturday, August 16, 2014

Best comfort movies

Best comfort movies
 (RIP Butterbean, best dog a girl could ever have!)

We've all had bad periods in our life's. A horrible break-up, loss of a loved one, an argument with a friend, a bad day at school/work, feeling sick, or just down right depressed over something that happened. These moments can last hours, days, months, even years. I for one like everyone else has had some truly roller coaster moments in my life, but yesterday was truly one of the lowest I've had in a very long time.
I rarely share personal stuff on this blog, trying to keep it fun and light but early yesterday morning my dog Butterbean passed away. Bean was a truly special dog, she was born in the first batch of puppies our dog Ripley had back in 2005. I still remember the night before the puppies were born a very pregnant Ripley flopped down on my lap while I watched the 70's film Gator. I was petting her when low and behold I could feel tiny kicks. Ripley went on to have several other litters of puppies but never since that moment did I feel them move inside. The following morning on Easter Sunday Ripley had a small litter of puppies, one of which we were allowed to keep. This ended up being Butterbean. I still remember when she had the puppies Smoky And The Bandit was playing on TV so whenever I thought of Butterbean I thought of Burt Reynolds. This dog was truly adorable, she had her own personality and was a complete joy to have. My mother named her after the boxer in Jackass The Movie that knocks Johnny Knoxville's lights out in the shopping store. This dog was a tiny fat little thing that had tons of energy and had the personality of a person. I still remember when I was in high school staying up late one night laying on my living room floor watching Slumber Party Massacre and how the puppy was racing around doing laps and ended up running straight into my face slipping my lip. This dog loved food, meatballs from soup mostly, and ice cream. She was a jealous dog that snapped and bit at all the others but was the most gentle around humans. She was always loved up by everyone, and always was the one that so many people asked about buying. Butterbean was my little friend who always curled up next to me whenever I was sick or sad. In fact she brought me a huge amount of comfort after I lost my mother who down right adored her. This dog would follow you no matter where you went and always loved curling up beside you to take a nap. I could go on for hours about all the great memories I had of her but my main point pretty much comes down to the fact that I'm hurting pretty badly right now. Butterbean was still young, active, and seemed pretty healthy. It all happened so fast and I have to admit I'm still in shock. This has been very hard on my family since the dog was originally my mother's. I may not be a parent but I feel like I've lost a child. I can only hope wherever she is, she's someplace with my mom and very happy.
Of course after crying my eyes out yesterday I knew I needed comfort so I popped in a few of my favorite comfort movies. These are movies that strangely enough make me happy whenever I watch them and bring a sense of comfort whenever I'm down. I'm sure tons of people have these kind of movies and this is my own personal list of my own. What are yours?
So in honor of my late dog Butterbean who loved watching movies with me, here are my top 10 favorite comfort movies that make me feel better no matter what's happening.
The Goonies
Gremlins 2 The New Batch

What About Bob?

Waiting For Guffman
Sixteen Candles

Jason Goes To Hell

Ghoulies II

Pee Wee's Big Aventure
Funny Farm

RIP Butterbean 2005-2014

You will be missed!

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