Friday, August 8, 2014

Come meet Zach Galligan this weekend at Flashback Weekend!

Come meet Zach Galligan this weekend at Flashback Weekend!
I'm sure everyone knows I'm a Galligan groupie. My favorite actor is Mr. Zach Galligan best known for his roles in Gremlins, Waxwork, Gremlins 2 The New Batch, Waxwork II Lost In Time, and last year's epic Hatchet III. I've been lucky enough to meet Zach several times. Once for Spooky Empire down in Florida, another time in Mass for the Hatchet marathon, and just last fall for Chiller in Jersey. I could meet Galligan over and over again. The guy is a killer storyteller and has always been nothing but sweet and kind, putting up with me and my Waxwork obsession. I find it a riot that 
so many people are bummed out over not meeting Robert Englund since he's wearing his Freddy makeup for the "very last time." = Ya, okay...
But here I am bummed over the fact that I'm not meeting Galligan.
I'm telling you people, yeah the whole Freddy thing is cool but I heard he's not even rocking the hat or stripe sweater. Meet Zach for much cheaper, listen to come great stories from him, and be able to do the Waxwork pose without having to wait in line for hours.


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